Saturday, July 4, 2020

S.4068: Historic Gun Sales Bring Historic Gun Control Bill

You might want to be aware of this. There are a lot of reasons for the 2A, and this is one of them. Fear the government that fears its citizens having guns. There must be a reason for that.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Interactions on Social Media With the Overlords

A friend was complaining about people crowding him in stores. They don't wear masks, they move in closer than 6 feet away. As they continued doing it, he became more and more irritated - in his view, it was a deliberate assault on him personally.


I've learned that most people couldn't be bothered to run around deliberately trying to get people's goat. Like as not, it was careless, not intentioned. And, I said so.

When scolded about my actions, I responded mildly. I thought I had been gentle enough in my implied pointing out that the offended's reaction was the problem - it was both excessive, and apparently triggered by panic. In the process of answering his comment, I made it clear that his lecturing wasn't appreciated.

He doubled down.

Have I ever mentioned that I REALLY hate younger people treating me like I'm mentally incompetent? And, especially when they use that annoying, talking-slow-so-you'll-understand tone. Always goes with that crappy pretend-caring attitude that paid-for "helpers" use with the elderly/mentally challenged.

I did get more than a little pissy with him.

Name has been redacted to protect the supercilious dumbass.