Friday, July 3, 2015


It’s also hard to feel badly for a nation of people who have chosen to pursue this ruinous political path—people who cast 52% of their votes for communists or neo-Nazis, and who have proven completely unable to take any responsibility for what has transpired.

Greece will probably respond to the failure of extreme-left Syriza by electing even more extreme politicians. It seems likely that they will choose a strongman to “get things done.” I think people fail to understand how totalitarianism can happen in the 21st century. Think of this as a YouTube tutorial video on the subject.

We're no different.

Who voted for Comrade abu-Twinkletoes twicet in a row?

"'It Could Never Happen Here' - America Is Not Greece." Jared Dillian, The 19th Man, 7/2/15.

H/t: Zero Hedge.


tz said...

I didn't vote. Gay marriage, state healthcare, Capt. Underoos as alternative?

(I don't mean to slander LDS. It is in the spirit of Sotomayor as Catholic, or... too many examples to pick 1).

cmblake6 said...

Let's see, whose fault is that?