Monday, September 14, 2015

I've Been SAYING That It Was the Culture, Not The Politics

We need some warriors - Culture Warriors.

There are some who have already been in the trenches for some time - one of them, Dawn Eden, spoke the unspeakable, and argued for Chastity!  If you haven't read it, her book is The Thrill of the Chaste, a book she wrote BEFORE becoming a Catholic (this is the Catholic Edition).

Sarah Hoyt has been blogging about this - it's worth reading.

BTW, on a personal note, we had a leak in our waterline last week.  I spent a LOT of time on the phone trying to find a plumber that could do the work - my husband finally told me to ask a neighbor - who had experience with a wonderful man, who put me on his schedule.  I didn't expect that he would be there before today - so I had to scramble on Friday to get class coverage.

Worth the time, though.  He got right in, and did a bang-up job, and for a reasonable price.  After he finished, we talked for a few minutes, and he said that he would LIKE to hire assistants (very little training needed), but that they were too tatted/pierced.  His clientele is mostly the senior citizens, and would be off-put by the apparent toughness of them.

A pity, because I'm sure that the majority of the scarily-tatted were OK guys, but - he had to be able to send these guys into people's homes, and the elderly would not like it.

Again, Culture.

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