Thursday, September 17, 2015

Misreporting, Again

UPDATE:  This site has the picture, and it does NOT look like a clock, but an IED.

This is being reported as an anti-Islamic over-reaction by the school and police authorities.

A young man named Mohammed "builds" a clock and takes it to school to show his engineering teacher.  When it beeps in another class, he is "accused" of having built a bomb, arrested, and taken from school.

All TOTALLY innocent, and a HORRIBLE over-reaction to an innocent little boy.


  1. The young man did NOT build a clock - he simply took the parts from another clock, and put them into a pencil case.  NOT an engineering feat, merely a re-purposing.
  2. Since this was NOT original, why did he feel the need to show the teacher his "work"?  Perhaps it was just a pretext to get it into school and trigger an incident?
  3. When confronted with questions, he does NOT explain the event, but refuses to speak.  He COULD have explained, and kept himself from trouble, but he doesn't.
  4. Naturally, CAIR and other defenders jump into the fray.  Big publicity splash, ending in the predictable comment, invite from the Prez.
Seems to me to be a deliberate attempt to work up an arrest.

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