Saturday, August 15, 2015

Late Summer Lassitude

I start school Monday (at least, that's when the kids start - I started last Monday).  I'm not that well prepared this year, I'm late in setting up.  Somehow, by Monday morning, I'll have it together, at least on paper (truthfully, I could function for the first week without a lesson plan - I've done this introductory stuff for about 25 years, twice a year).

But, I feel the same way about the debates and a lot of other news in the headlines - yes, it's important, but I just can't summon up the energy to hurl myself into the fight.

Before everyone goes all a-quirk over Trump and his blustering, keep in mind - it's almost a YEAR until the actual convention.  The quicker we settle on a candidate, the more prepared the Leftists/Progressives will be to mow him/her down with lies, distortions, and hysteria.  I'm not at all annoyed at Trump's early lead - maybe it will put the Fear of Non-Election in the politicians (greater than their Fear of God).

Let's let Ella and Louis play that unforgettable song, and sit back with our cool drinks.

Too warm (not Global Warming, just South Carolina in August) to care, or to waste energy.


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