Saturday, August 1, 2015

They’re BAAACK!

     Never underestimate the tenacity of the would-be tyrant:

     After backing down amid concerns she wanted to regulate political speech, and even new sites like the Drudge Report, the chairwoman of the Federal Election Commission has renewed talk about targeting campaign and political activities on the internet.

     Ann M. Ravel, discussing election regulation during a speech in New York, suggested it was time to produce "thoughtful policy" targeting internet political activity. She also expressed frustration that her last bid was met with "threatening misogynist responses to me."

     She was speaking at a day-long conference hosted by the Brennan Center for Justice, the New York City Campaign Finance Board, and the Committee for Economic Development when she was asked about regulating the internet, Google and Facebook....

     When the Democrats on the FEC first raised the possibility of regulations, opponents feared they were going to target conservative groups, activities and news sites. A proposal to delve into the issue died in a 3-3 vote....

     But in answering the question this week, Ravel indicated she wants to pursue regulations. "It would be under the purview of the FEC to look at some of the issues that arise in new media and the impact of new media, in particular with respect to disclosure and ensuring that there is no corporate contributions, for example excessive contributions or contributions to a particular candidates for example," she said.

     The FEC is not a non-political body. It conforms to the agenda of whoever is in power – typically, whichever party controls the White House. And as we can see, they never kill an idea for suppressing dissent all the way: head chopped off and a stake through its heart.

     What do you think, Gentle Reader? Time to lock and load? Got a lamppost picked out for this aspiring dictatress? If you’re not feeling your inner Patrick Henry struggle and surge yet, how much more will it take?

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