Saturday, August 15, 2015

Those Lovable Feminists

     In case you’re unfamiliar with Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh, he’s a popular speaker and writer against feminism and on the resuscitation of masculinity. He’s the proprietor of the Return Of Kings Website, which offers articles by him and others of similar views. Needless to say, feminists hate him with a red passion.

     Just recently, Roosh went on a speaking tour that included Toronto and Montreal. When they learned of this, feminists in those cities went completely apoplectic. This article provides late-breaking news and a taste of the feminist Left’s tactics:

     On Friday, Return of Kings proprietor Roosh revealed that Matthew E. Duffy had incited those planning to attend the “Demonstration against Rape Culture” in Toronto and others to “swat” Roosh and his supporters. Not only is this an egregiously criminal act, faking the need for tactical response teams or otherwise heavily armed police squads, it also risks the public safety (and lives) of broader members of the community. This is aside from just Roosh and his lecture audience.

     To boot, Matthew E. Duffy is perfectly content for those in emergency situations, such as seriously injured car wreck victims or people bleeding out on a street from gunshot wounds, to have critical reactions to their plight delayed by made-up calls about a writer’s peaceful lecture to a few men. His incitement reeks of callous indifference, narcissism, and depravity.

     In other news, the Montreal address that obsessive compulsive “Twitter activist” Sara Parker-Toulson used to dox Roosh has now, unsurprisingly, been vandalized. She, “Jennifer” and others easily foresaw that such a doxxing would result in potentially serious damage to both property and person.

     Let’s stipulate, right from the outset, that the advocates of violence cited above are not perfectly representative of all feminists. But just as is the case with Muslims, feminists who fail to criticize, much less discipline, their spittle-flecked co-partisans should not be surprised when they’re assumed to agree with the latter’s views and tactics. Indeed, I consider it fair to accuse all feminists of tacitly approving of Duffy, Parker-Toulson, et alii until they plainly and publicly condemn them.

     Finally, this is not about Roosh’s opinions on the sexes; it’s about freedom of speech and the Left’s propensity for using violence and intimidation to silence those it dislikes. You needn’t fear to stand against it just because you don’t agree with what Roosh has said about masculine roles and female promiscuity – though I most certainly do.

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