Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Having Trouble Starting Work, Because...

...there's just so MUCH doggone interesting news going on!

I've also been working really hard on improving my health. I've been doing Keto, which has allowed me to lose the extra fluids that had been accumulating in my legs. That, in turn, took the excess stress off my joints.

It's been a huge difference in how I feel. This morning, I had sliced corned beef (made yesterday in the Instant Pot, and just falling apart in tenderness), eggs, and with 1.0 oz of sliced Harvarti Cheese with Garlic. Delicious, and only 1.16 g of carbs.

I found that pork rinds are incredible. I'd tried them before, but hated them. The light dawned when I realized that what I hated was the barbeque flavor. Plain rinds are WONDERFUL, and give me a crunchy protein and fat carrier system, other than bread.

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