Monday, November 24, 2014

Got a letter from one of my readers, one of my biggest mind brothers

Others of you may know FX Phillips. He has made so many brilliant comments, and given me some HUGE inspirations. What I'm going to do here is give you that letter to read, and suggest a copy/paste routine to send it to YOUR congresscritters:

Dear Mssrs. Toomey and Fitzpatrick,
I address you here at a critical juncture in American history. Obama, I can not in good conscience refer to this man as President you will see why as this rambles on, has just taken a historic electoral beating on the premise that his agenda is destroying America and two weeks leader baldly announces that he is circumventing congress to legalize millions of invaders at the expense of the American citizen.
To date I have seen nothing but servile deference from you party and wishy washy boiler plate from you both. Obama has made it abundantly clear his contempt for the American people both directly and through the proxy of their elected representatives. His remarks following the election indirectly questioning the legitimacy of such an election was the bleating of an incipient tyrant using the absence of evidence fallacy. His sophistry of speaking for the “two third who didn’t vote” is poppy cock on stilts.
While you are correct that this is unlawful it rises to the high crime of usurpation of the prerogatives of congress and by extension the American citizen. The twisted language in both of your statements leads me to believe you are trying to understate the seriousness of this act. Promises of “no government shut downs” by the increasingly unctuous Mitch McConell or preemptively implying that Obama will not face impeachment is for all intents and purposes giving Obama a blank check to do as pleases. The fact your leadership and you by extension for re-electing those two cowardly hacks as you leaders doesn’t speak well of your own fortitude.
You have three mighty weapons to wield.
First: the power of the purse.
Produce budget bills and send them up in regular order. One for each department like before the execrable Harry Reid and the earth mother harpy Nancy Pelosi changed the way business was done. Defund Obama’s illegal acts, defund Obamacare and any other department that has abused its power exceeded its authority or refused to co-operate with congressional inquiries. When he and his media propagandists try and blame you point out two obvious points and keep hitting them. 1) You sent up a bill and it was Obama refusing to act. 2) He is so hot to violate the law and screw the American people that he refused to fund what he loves most(besides himself).
When the “press” tries to spin this as politics point out the “press’s” cheerleading for this lawless hackery and state it just like that. The fancy words and supposed civility are not winning you anything. You know very well the leadership wouldn’t pull any punches if they were TEA partiers. But of course McConnell and Boehner feed from the trough of big government don’t they?
Second: the power of the pulpit.
No you don’t have the same platform to speak from as Obama but this is a matter of efficiency as he can command national time. That just means you have to work harder to make your case. But of course in order to make a case you have to realize what you are dealing with. Your party has not shown any inkling that they know even remotely what they are dealing with. This is not a man whose intentions are what are best for the country and is just mistaken. Taking the same destructive ideas and putting them in a shiny new wrapper is dishonest not mistaken, malign not incompetent. Obama and his cadre know the results and it is power for them and shared misery for the “other”. This is why someone like Jonathan Gruber is sought out as mercenary academic who will lie to anyone if the price is right. The regime knew these (Obamacare) were all lies just like their excuses for the VA. IRS, Benghazi, Fast and Furious scandals were a lie. Because they think their own excrement doesn’t stink they feel they are entitled to employ Plato’s noble lie. But just because they believe in their own infallibility and virtue They trade on the falsely advertised expertise of intellectual bag men.
Obama knows he is breaking the highest law of the land. It is up to you to call him out as the malignancy he is. He is only “popular” because of the perverted idea that criticizing him is not in good faith(read raaaaacisssst) and you will not describe him for what he is. He is a usurper in the basest sense, a brigand, a thug, a Mafioso, a third word jeffe. He has advanced his coup d’ main and is daring you to speak about it. Give him what he wants but not in the way he wants it. Every utterance needs to be about Obama and his enabler’s lawlessness and dishonesty the fact that you all seem to isolate each case instead of building on each as a pattern is self-defeating. Build it brick by brick to the point that even the “democrats with bylines”(thanks Professor Reynolds) can’t credibly deny the existence. Being the partisans they are they will try but then point their bad faith and clear partisan hip. Once they sell their credibility out you will at least be on an even playing field. Also make sure you link the “Democrats” in congress as they were every bit as complicit in the abuses of the American citizen as the executive branch was. In fact in the IRS case they openly called for the persecution. Where is the denunciation and prosecution of these people?
Also part and parcel to the pulpit is to stop accepting the media narrative by accepting their premises. This was especially evident in the government shut down and so called default crisis last year where thr effort to stop Obamacare and negotiating a debt were defined by a mendacious media and accepted by the powers that be in the Republican party. Obama and his party were the aggressors as they were so insistent on screwing people like me that were willing to shut down their precious government to be able to do so. They did this with feckless acquiescence, both legislatively and rhetorically, of the DC Republican leaders who you just re-elected to the head of the party. It was more important for them to discredit those actually looking stop an incipient tyrant than to stop the tyrant.
Now we have so called executive amnesty.
This is again based on the duplicity of the ruling class and the advance of the false narrative that our immigration system is broken and the concurrent false narrative that the executive can change the legal relationship of the government to the people.
To the first point our immigration system is broken only you the extent the ruling class has affirmatively ignored and sabotaged it. They deny and demagogue this with cries of faux compassion as they have very little compassion for those of us who pay for this with increased taxes, lowered wages, higher prices and diminished services. They do this to the point where they say it’s too late and DEMAND we give them a mulligan. The fact that their bad faith is the genesis of the problem is glossed over by crony socialist who want to drive down wages and a cynical “Democrat” party and all its propagandists and pseudo-intellectual stooges that need to import clients to justify their demands for more power and more taxes. No one speaks for those of us that are harmed by this duplicity. We are browbeaten as being greedy for wanting to keep our hard earned pay while those who demand money to feed their egos are described as “good hearted”. This is another premise the GOP would dismiss if they actually were on the side of the American citizen.
Another is that we are a “nation of immigrants” if that’s the case then “birth right citizenship” is a null concept. I was born here. The fact that my ancestors came from somewhere else does not make me an “immigrant”. It is a phony concept invented by the left and their collaborationists in the gentry GOP to try and deprecate our claim to sovereignty in this place and time. Any time a republican use this phrase it has just that effect. It needs to be refuted every time it is used.
Another especially false premise is this idea that somehow this amnesty is akin to the “Emancipation Proclamation”. This is especially pernicious as it equates an order outside the powers of the Presidency i.e the authority to change legal status to a duly constituted power to conduct a war. It also grotesquely equates a people who were held against their will with those who voluntarily broke our laws and continue to break our laws every day they are here and are subsidized by the American people through higher local taxes. With all due derision to the mouthpiece for the invasionistas in the Republican party the Wall Street Journal these are net takers as is basically any household earning under $40,000.00 a year.
To the second point the idea that he can take any action that changes the legal status of anyone or act that congress has not acted on is purely an act of violence against the ruling order. If we were actually using proper English this would be described as a coup. The constitution enshrines inaction when consensus is not possible. By the way this not the first time Obama has done this; from eliminating the work provisions from welfare reform, to imposing the moribund Dream Act, to re writing the Obamacare statute to delay existing political problems or misappropriate funds for items clearly not in the statute, to appointing positions without senate approval , to rewriting and purposefully misinterpreting the Clean Air, Clean Water and Civil rights act to use as weapons, to making foreign agreement and conspiring to avoid the Senate for ratification . Again you act as if these are one offs. One builds on the other. They are of a piece. They speak to nature of Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform the United States”[from a prosperous functioning republic to a financially insolvent third world basket case].
That brings us to the third tool. Impeachment and removal
I know this idea makes you soil your pants but it must be left as an alternative. I know it’s inherent danger as it is a political not judicial remedy. It is an element that presumes the intellectual integrity and moral uprightness of the party whose standard bearer is being charged however in this case the violations of the basic law are manifest. It is not just amnesty but the dozens of transgressions leading up to amnesty and the usurpation of power from outright fraud, to abuse of power, to dereliction of duty, to the violation of the oath of office this is an accumulation of impeachable acts.
I know very well there is no longer even one national “Democrat” with the integrity to stand up to this thug let alone thirteen but if he is committing impeachable offenses he must be indicted. Put them on record as to their support for this coup d’main and make it plain that it is their goal to overthrow the constitutional order of small “r” republicanism with a half-baked rule of the elite that uses mob consensus and the unabashed wielding of force to legitimize their claims. Make it plain that elections do not make for legitimacy alone but that plebiscite plus adherence to the constitution is what gives legitimacy to the government. Once the rule of law has been torn asunder the principles of the Declaration of Independence become more poignant. Obama has forfeited this legitimacy as has his neo-fascist party. We cannot shrink from conflict but must fight it on our terms not their. The leadership of the Republican party has shirked this responsibility in favor of some contrived false one way collegiality that further encumbers the citizens with weight of this collusion.
I know what you really fear however because I have the same fear. That Americans have become so ignorant and corrupted by free stuff and the continuous swill churned out by our media, cultural and academic institutions which had been corrupted by “progressive thought” many years ago. You are afraid that the people may not recognize the pure evil Obama, his party, his cheerleaders and pet grievance groups seek to visit upon this country in the name of the twin perversions of “social justice”, ”income inequality” and the equally ambiguous and ill-defined notion of a top down imposed “fairness”.
But because you fear the outcome is not justification for inaction for what you are saying is America is lost without firing a shot.
You need to justify us returning the Republican party to power. You need to engage in actions that stop Obama and his henchmen not compromise with an obviously destructive and hate filled agenda.
Losing more slowly is still losing.
We won’t be fooled again.

Yes it's long. But damn, it's good.

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