Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Updating My R-Date

I've been blogging at Over & Out, which I started to put information about my future retirement.  The idea was to explore the many aspects of leaving paid employment, including medical, legal, Social Security, retirement pensions/investments/savings, and other items that might apply.  I expected it to be a story of one person's journey through the process.

From my latest post:

Initially, I thought going out at 65 made a lot of sense.  I'll be 64 in March (cue music)
- and I've been looking at our finances.  We still have the Cleveland house (my husband just left today, as there is a plumbing problem) - if you know anyone who wants a West Park address, with 4 bedrooms - call me!
Right now, I'm STRONGLY thinking of working until 2017.  At that time, I'll be 66.  If I can hold off until then, I'll have 11 years in the SC retirement system (adding in the 2 NC years).

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