Monday, November 24, 2014

Obama Fiddles While Ferguson Burns

I nave said this before,in various comments, and among friends ... and will say it again. I have some serious doubts as to the length of time the current resident of the Oval Office will stay in same. No, I am not talking about Obama being impeached and removed by that method, nor am I referring to a military coup (I have serious doubts about the current military leadership having the testicular fortitude needed to carry that one out. I would not want to take any bets on how many really take their "oath" to heart. I would love to be proven wrong about that.)

 I am talking about Obama using any opportunity available, to give him an excuse to place this country under Martial Law.

Now I am sure there are any number of you out there who are thinking what is this nut job talking about. Understand this, I have served, and I understand not only the Chain of Command, the Constitution, the three branches of government, and the power(s) granted to them, and the President.

I also know "The Oath".  Granted the version taken by enlisted varies somewhat from the Oath taken by the Officer corps, and by elected officials, the overall intent is the same.

This being said, we have, in Obama, an individual who has either sanctioned, directly enabled, or enacted himself, via "Executive Order", any number of events or actions which are in violation of the Constitution.

 Why then, would it be so surprising to find out this individual is not intent on using any excuse (available)  in order to insure either he, or those he so deems to take his place, are allowed to do so under the constitutional constraints provided by Martial Law?   In other words, there is no need for another Presidential least not until the current "National Unrest" is brought to a close.  This being the case, I am going to stay here, in DC, in the Oval Office, until order is restored.

We have, at the very moment I am typo-ing this, a town erupting in flames (matters not, for the moment, who or what started this). Obama has already gone on national television to pontificate on same.  With split screens on Fox and MSNBC, showing the lawlessness on one screen, and the rioting in Ferguson, on the other.  One wonders if this is the spark Obama is so devoutly hoping for. The one thing he needs to "validate" declaring Martial Law, for the safety of all (the children!!!).

 By all means, tell me I am wrong. And give me some concrete evidence. Because as the months and years have gone by with this current administration, and the confederacy of dunces we have comprising both the House and Senate, I don't have much else to place my faith in (the good Lord aside) other than my gut. And that puppy is a-grumbling.

 We are rushing toward Third World status. Sadly, a good chunk of this country isn't even warm enough to qualify as a banana republic.

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