Friday, November 21, 2014


Welcome, my friends, to a show that must not ever end: The traditional American willingness to speak one's mind regardless of what others might think.

The League exists to defend the freedom of speech against the assaults of the contemporary would-be censor: he -- more often she -- who uses screaming and vituperation to "shame" others out of dispreferred opinions, especially opinions on politics, society, and culture.

I have founded the League with that mission in mind and no other. If you choose to join, leave any sensitivities you might harbor at the doorsill. To readers: Should you choose to delve into the offerings here, be prepared for anything. We don't set out to offend, but neither do we fear it.


Francis W. Porretto

And here's my favorite rendition of our Theme Song, for openers:


cmblake6 said...


Ronald Barbour said...

Thanks for the invitation, Francis - UP THE REPUBLIC - DOWN WITH THE TRAITOR!

cmblake6 said...

We must insure that we raise enough hell that they HAVE to hear us!