Wednesday, January 7, 2015

German government suicidal hostility to anti-Islamist protests.

Funny. When in a West German city I lived in, on almost every wall there were slogans against Capitalism and in support of the Red Army Faction, there were no counter-protests. When anarchists marched to the same slogans, there were no counter-protests. When German kids were being attacked by Muslim kids in schools in Berlin, there were no counter-protests. When Muslims chanted last Summer “Gas the Jews” in the same city, there were no counter-protests. When Christians were being decapitated by the Islamic State, there were no counter protests. And no lights were switched off on Cathedrals.

Yet now, when one group decides to protest against the media narrative and decision to flood Germany with ever more asylum seekers, many of whom will side with the decapitation, and the “Gas the Jews” chants, the whole media is alarmed, celebrities speak out, lights go out, counter-protests are everywhere and even the Chancellor has her say… does “mainstream Germany” have a death wish, or is it simply too afraid to acknowledge an uncomfortable truth?[1]

I say it's "anti-Islam" protest but most seem to want to shy away from that truth. We shouldn't just oppose Islamists but Islam itself and all its obscurantism, hostility and savagery.

[1] Comment by Green Infidel on "The Anti-PEGIDA Media." By Baron Bodissey, Gates of Vienna, 1/6/15.

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