Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The face of Islamic "justice."

Do Westerners like Islamic "justice"?

Do leftists and multiculturalist naifs think Western ways are on a par with Islamic ones? Would life after a Muslim takeover of the West be something easy to accept?

Even accepting that the Saudis have a right to punish what they want inside the borders of their non-Western country, consider this sentence meted out to a blogger in Saudi Arabia:

His first 50 lashes were administered Friday. After the noon prayers, outside the mosque, Saudi writer and blogger Raif Badawi, 30, received a sentence perhaps worse than death. Accused of "insulting Islam," he is to receive 1000 lashes: 50 per week for 20 weeks -- nearly half a year. "The lashing order says Raif should 'be lashed very severely,'" a twitter notice read. "If they lash him again next week we do not know if he is going to survive. He has no medical assistance," another notice said.[1]
No probation. No moderate fine. No one week in jail.


Straight to 1,000 lashes, mind you, and, unmentioned in the passage above, ten years in prison, and a fine of over a quarter of a million dollars.

When that American guttersnipe was going to be caned by the government of Singapore for keying some cars several years back, a lot of Americans were horrified that he was to receive six strokes. Six and done. Well, you know the Colonel well enough by now to know he was calling the Singaporean embassy in Washington to cheer them on.

But compare and contrast. A massively disproportion, crushing sentence in Saudi Arabia versus a highly circumscribed but educational sentence in Singapore.

Behind all the Islamic bullshit this is what is threatening the West – and what we are failing to understand and expel from our lands. I'll skip the lecture about the development of the criminal law in England over the centuries. All that need be said is that when we are dealing with Muslims we are dealing with savagery. Can all the hanky wringing over being judgmental and bigoted. Sooner or later, like Dr. Strangelove's errant hand, the essence of Islam will lunge for our throat.

[1] "Charlie, Muhammad, And the Saudi 1000 Lashes of Raif Badawi." By Denis MacEoin, Gatestone Institute, 1/11/15.

H/t: Gates of Vienna.

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