Friday, January 23, 2015

That which must never, ever be mentioned.

South Africa's President Jacob Zuma is attending the Davos World Economic Forum with a message that investment and business are key to South Africa’s economic success. He leaves behind a simmering row caused by Zelda la Grange, Nelson Mandela's former personal assistant who has said she would feel more welcome in France than in her native South Africa.

La Grange says potential white investors from Europe and the United States should be told they’re not welcome in South Africa.

She later apologised for any hurt her remarks might have caused but she has not withdrawn her assertion that President Jacob Zuma is making whites the scapegoats for South Africa’s ills.

"Former Mandela assistant sparks South Africa race row." By RFI, 1/21/15.

H/t: Gates of Vienna .

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