Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Pearls of expression.

And yes our so-called “values of tolerance, emancipation, democracy” mean little to outside cultures when they see the rest of our society ruled by nothing more than a bunch of witless ponces who can’t even fight for self-preservation.[1]
That's what a commenter contributed on a post by a German lawyer and normally our "Pearls of expression" posts require nothing more. However, it's worth focusing on what the author of the main post states, namely, that "Not all immigrants are equally capable of integration.” He presenting evidence of that proposition but, inexplicably, he seems compelled by the diversity gods to insert at outset the lunatic idea that:
Essentially, every person ought to have the right to choose his residence on the earth, with no time limit. The idea of cosmopolitanism must be revived.
Unless he's been mistranslated, that's not what cosmopolitanism is and it hasn't been moribund in recent memory. Even if he mean "multiculturalism," that sure as heck is alive and festering as never before.

Whatever his meaning, you'd think that his revelations about "some immigrants" would cause him, at the very least, to say "non-Muslims" ought to have the right to choose their residence, which is bad enough.

Maybe it's just something he thinks is obligatory to throw in as a highly visible German defense attorney to escape leftist lynch mobs. If so, it's further evidence of the powerful tide against which awakened people must swim in the West. It apparently forces him to say that we should not see "integration through rose-colored glasses" though he doubtless means we shouldn't see immigration through those same glasses.

As I often say, in essence, modern Europeans can only advance toward an epiphany by millimeters. A little truth here and a little tiny bit of truth there and pretty soon, after two or three decades, the immigration realities will be right there, like one of those tsunami waves in the movies that are about to sweep New York into the suburbs of Des Moines.

[1] Comment by anon on "Our Values Are of no Interest to Immigrants." By Clemens Neuhold, Gates of Vienna 5/26/15.

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