Friday, May 22, 2015

Possible Situation in Cleveland's West Park Neighborhood

Update:  the verdict is in - not guilty - and the protests were peaceful (possibly because the protestors were heavily outnumbered by the police).  It's not a neighborhood that is likely to become a flashpoint - LOTS of cops live there.

I have MANY friends in that neighborhood - still own a house there (better check the insurance!)

This protest is because there is a verdict expected any day for Belo, the policeman who shot Tamir Rice (the kid who was waving a fake gun in a public park).

[CORRECTION: this was another police shooting unarmed people - I wrote this early, and was careless.  The protests, however, WILL center on the shooting of Rice]

Anything less than a murder verdict, the activists are ready to turn this peaceful community into another Ferguson (if they can).

This does concern me somewhat.  This is a quiet neighborhood, filled with middle-to-upper-class people - of different races and ethnic groups.  Many of them work for the city (including cops and firemen).  So, no, the protests will likely NOT get totally out of control.

But, it might cause some damage to homes/businesses.

One factor that will likely limit the damage is that few people in the neighborhood will be at loose ends to join in on any "street action".  For the most part, they work for a living, and don't have the inclination to just wander around looking for trouble.

However, just a little ways away (a few miles) there are some projects - FILLED with possible "protesters".  There are rumors that some of the protesters are in motels just south of the projects, and that they might sweep up some of the occupants into the protests.

I'll keep on top of this.

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