Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Armenian Genocide

It’s the 100-year anniversary – a very sad anniversary – of the Armenian genocide.  Even today, the Turks refuse to accept that it was a deliberate attempt to wipe a people off the face of the Earth.  Not unlike Japanese refusal to accept their nation’s responsibility for atrocities committed by Japanese forces during WWII.

Here’s a link to a thoughtful piece about HOW these actions occur – afterwards, too many people have trouble understanding just how a seemingly civilized nation could possibly be complicit – even directing – deliberate murder, rape, and attempted annihilation of their own citizens, based on cultural/religious factors.

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tz said...

Then there's the simple banality of the ongoing Abortion Holocaust right here, where there is not hate, merely inconvenience. But the first step is still to deny the humanity or person-hood.

I find nothing amazing in the Turk's denial, it is the same as Fox News avoiding talking about Abortion.

It is too easy to point and say "Them, those over there - see! They are monsters!", but avoid looking into a mirror as it might reveal the same thing.