Friday, December 5, 2014

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!


Yes, this IS the Christmas season, even though I'm technically jumping the gun, according to the Church (this is Advent, the time BEFORE the Christmas season - Christmas doesn't actually begin before December 25 - it lasts 12 days, ending on Epiphany - actually, the day before, January 5).

But, this is when all the frenzy begins.  So, why am I so excited?

Because, for high school teachers on the semester block system, we're nearing the end of our time with this group of kids.  We break for Christmas (NO, I will NOT call it Winter Break, until that unlikely year when it DOESN'T coincide with Christmas) on December 19, return for a week of review and testing on January 5, and bid goodbye to them at the end of the day, January 9.  That's 16 days away (15 for me - I have a professional development day next Wednesday).

It's not that I don't like this group - over the semester, I've gotten quite fond of them.  But, I'm looking forward to having Juniors and Seniors, rather than Freshmen and Sophomores.  The younger students are nice, but wearing over the long run.  The DRAMA!  The ENERGY!  The NARCISSISM!

I need a nap.

The 2 week break also allows me R & R time.  I can catch up on world events, read a book NOT related to my work, stay up past 9 pm, and catch up on housework.

And, of course, blog.

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