Thursday, December 18, 2014

Some thoughts on Cuba.

I don't know what good will come out of making nice with Cuba. The embargo had a half life of some length and needed to end sometime. A good time would have been after Fidel's death and dragging it out further wouldn't have made any difference in terms of Cuba's access to the rest of the world economy.

No. Cuba's problems were self inflicted and had nothing to do with our embargo. They are the natural and inevitable result of commie stupidity and viciousness. The essential problem with ending the current state of U.S.-Cuba relations is that we won't highlight the commie destruction and privilege of Cuba today and that we won't exact any kind of quid pro quo. The mad socialist, totalitarian experiment off our coast will endure a few more years safe from any kind of a reckoning.

Socialist never pay the bill. The people end up doing that. Always. They are the ones who end up cleaning up the ruins left in the wake of leftist theft and madness.

Anyway, Iraq is precisely the kind of country with which Castro wants you to compare Cuba. It’s the wrong comparison. So are impoverished Third World countries like Guatemala and Haiti [the wrong comparison]. Cuba isn’t a developing country; it’s a once-developed country destroyed by its own government.
"The Last Communist City. A visit to the dystopian Havana that tourists never see." By Michael J. Totten, City Journal, Spring 2014.

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