Friday, December 5, 2014

Thanks For the Invite

I've been nominated to be the TDG's representative here at yonder outpost of like-minded patriots.  We promise to take our hats and boots off before we come inside. And don't fret, we'll be all courteous-like to the fairer-sex - but know that we don't pull punches when it's time to brawl.  We, the liberty-minded are fighting a battle for our very existence right now... and the Marquess of Queensberry can piss right the hell off.  This war's for keeps, and if we're hitting above the belt at any point... we're doing shit wrong.

Most of us came from Montana originally, and we've migrated hither and yonder since - a motley crew of ranchers, lawyers, squibs, nerds, and everything else in between.  Aligned "interests," and the (almost un-coerced) willingness of SD's boy to host our ravings lead to us sharing our particular brand of insanity with anyone foolish enough to get in earshot.  So pull up a stool.  We might just blunder into something meaningful and coherent - in between shooting sacred cows with an M203...

Shortly, I'll post up an article our co-insurgent cooked up, with regards to the coming amnesty betrayal at the hands of the Republicans - lizards that some folks here no doubt clasped their noses to hoist into the majority - despite their every deliberate attempt to claw failure from certain victory. 

You gotta wonder... who needs the moonbats when our own "representation" stuffs a  bayonet right in between our shoulder blades?

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