Monday, December 8, 2014


This is a cross-post.

This is a rather interesting article. Now, you tell me, who would be upset about those sworn to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign AND domestic?
Indeed, article VI of the Constitution clearly says, in part, that everyone, including those aforementioned politicians, shall be bound by the laws of the land and by the Constitution. It also says that they (the politicians again) shall be bound by oath or affirmation to the Constitution. In fact, just re-reading article VI over a couple of times, I cringe at just how far afield we have drifted in this country over the course of the last few years in allowing some in Washington, DC to not follow this document.
You, uhm, know of any person/group in violation of this?


Guy S said...

I will take this one step further (Indeed, I think Fran has addressed this, at least once, in either a post and or his various works of fiction.). Yes, the politicos take an oath.

So do those of us who have served in any of the branches of the military.

Which begs the question. Why hasn't there been a "house cleaning instituted by the military, especially with the absence of any action being taken by either the judicial or legislative branches, against either individual members of their own or against members of the administration?

Are we not (even those of us who are "retired") as honor bound to our oath(s) as any other governmental group, if not more so? And that being the case....well draw your own conclusions.

Seems to me, (the folks who are either retired or have left the services under honorable conditions, aside for a moment) that there is also a major lack of testicular fortitude in the current upper echelons of all the branches of service as well.

cmblake6 said...

Indeed, Guy.