Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Unspeakable truths.

As is frequently the case, comments on web articles are gold mines of wit and insight. Here are some outstanding comments (on the realities of black-white relations in the U.S.) on this article: "Eliminating Future Fergusons: The Unspeakable Solution." By Robert Weissberg, The Unz Reader, 12/17/14.

Shouting Thomas:

In other words, the entire civil rights movement of the 60s was a mistake and integration was a foolish idea.

I think that is probably true.

Whites (including me) thought that what blacks wanted was the white concept of “equality” and “justice.” That turned out not to be true. Blacks wanted quotas and racial revenge.

Blacks wanted whites to abandon their tribal identification and surrender what they had won, while blacks held on for dear life to their tribal identification and got a big share of what whites had.

The problem with our largest cities today is largely due to 50 years of stupid, crooked politicians and businessmen mismanaging social policies for their own ends and inducing what amounts [to] a dysgenics program into the country’s urban centers with disastrous consequences. As a result our largest cities have become ticking time bombs, barely manageable in the best of times thanks to large segments of the population consisting of violent, low IQ wards of the state. Who can and will burn down the urban centers should their bread and circus cease for any reason.
The approach of the white American southerner to race relations in the early 20th century is (very) slowly revealing some of it’s insight and wisdom when you look at the collapse of black America today. These whites who lived closely with blacks back then knew the nature of black people (in general) far better than their northern counterparts – to them, segregation and extra-legal retribution were just ways that social order could be maintained in black communities. Pretty unimaginative ways, no doubt, but rather effective ways, nevertheless. To say that the Jim Crow system was based entirely in fear and hatred is to say that a drill sergeant’s discipline is based entirely in fear and hatred. Or that a parent’s punishment is based entirely in fear and hatred. The greatest fear, in fact, was in the loss of social order by having two fundamentally different types of people live together without separation.

But what kind of reputation has this insight and wisdom earned the Southerner of 80 years ago nowadays? Something akin to [that of] Hitler and Stalin and Pol Pot. Lesser third world tyrants and dictators pale in comparison to the evil of the pre-war working class white Southerner, in modern eyes.

Future cops, teachers, welders, mathematicians, programmers, soldiers, accountants, and rocket scientists.
And what has been the modern alternative to the southern black experience of the 1920′s been? Violence unheard of in the Jim Crow South. Social collapse that was unheard of in the Jim Crow South. Out of wedlock births that were unheard of in the Jim Crow South. And a model of externalized blame that was unheard of in the Jim Crow South.
Lest there be any melt down over the mention of "extra-legal retribution" in the above, consider that that is the precisely accurate term to apply to the black and communist riots in Fergudishu and the killing of police by black supremacists.


[T]the truth is that non-black communities are not and should not be obligated to accept members of a greater community that is so perpetually troublesome.
Personally, I've seen the Great Society and the civil rights revolution proceed from their inceptions. The latter was an arguably worthwhile experiment, as experiments in abandonment of common sense go, but, the results of both have been a disaster for all concerned with whites pandering to savage, group black behavior and subsidizing underclass parasitism (including white underclass parasitism), bastardy, and the destruction of our cities. All with an icing of virulent black political pathology, lies, and world class bullshit.


cmblake6 said...

Fantastic post. Well said indeed.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Thank you.

There's only so much of fairy tales that I can stomach. We'll get a heaping helping of reality in due course, but it strike's me as useful to hand out samples as early as possible.