Friday, January 18, 2019

The Criminal Department of "Justice"

I'm somewhat aware of most of these, but had forgotten (or never known) of others.

It's when you see the complete history of Mueller's abuses of the "Justice" system, that you realize we've been living in tyranny for a LONG time.

I think we (bloggers and other alternative media) have an obligation to make time to sound the alarm. We need to regularly post re-caps of prior offenses, crimes, and abuses of power, from the time of Bill Clinton onward - INCLUDING GW Bush.

Younger voters won't know of these. They need to see the long history of offenses laid out, in detail, to understand WHY the old geezers and geezettes are angry at what has happened to their country.

If they are 21 now, they were only 10 when BO took over. Their knowledge of Bush is filtered by the heavy propaganda that was around since they were TWO!

They know NOTHING of BJC and HRC, nor of the sleazy deals they made, and the lies they told. What they know is filtered - primarily by Leftists.

So, education is # 1.

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cmblake6 said...

Love your stuff. You do pick solid subjects.