Sunday, March 1, 2015

British (and Western) reality.

That the British have invaded practically every country in the entire world over just the last 200-300 years, and have not been invaded themselves since about William of Normandy, never seems to register. [jj]
What is really most often missed is that they have been invaded, British elites having taken pity on the wretched of the earth and invited them to accomplish demographically what they never could militarily. The spectacle of flamboyant racial self-abnegation accompanying the process obscures the fact that British living space has been invaded and that as long as that invasion carries on the ineluctable result is the erasure of British people from the earth. At this point this seems the most likely result, for as long as the issue remains unaddressed – even lowly Sweden, posterchild of loonie leftism, has demonstrated more resistance (albeit inchoate) to dispossession – the British can do naught but keep speeding manically towards the exit ramp of history. [ss][1]
As for who played a major role in bringing this about in Britain see here.

How is it that voters with free access to just about the sum total of all human knowledge – what knowledge, that is, that has survived after Muslims burned libraries, smashed observatories, and made obscurantism into a religious obligation – found it within themselves to pull the lever for such scum as Blair (see link) is beyond me.

Rapid takeover.
Can I say "scum"?

I rarely miss an opportunity to point out the massive, unopposed inflow of foreigners to Western nations is without historical precedent. In all previous centuries, a massive inflow of foreigners always, always, always involved a catastrophic failure of the armies or warriors of the nation or tribe. And the results were just that. Catastrophic.

Given that human nature has not changed in a million years, the leftist idea that a gradual takeover of the nation will be beneficial for the historic peoples thereof is simply delusional. But it is the reigning, operative, controlling, and mandatory view of virtually all Western governments.

[1] Reply of silviosilver to comment of jimbojones at "They Really Did Start It." By Peter Frost, 2/21/15.

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