Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Not a union, not a democracy, and not a republic.

So the fateful war [War Between the States] was fought, and union was proclaimed to have been restored. A scurrilous claim: It is symbolic that the South could be reinstated as a member of the Union only after a team of Northern generals had razed it. . . .

Although the Constitution of 1787 was not subjected to a complete overhaul, it was dealt a blow that was actually lethal, though not immediately: It took some time for the passengers on the Titanic to realize their ship was sinking. What can be the everlasting value, the enduring legitimacy of an agreement that is not free anymore but enforced by sheer violence upon some of its partners, who had rejected it upon the unassailable grounds that its original terms had been ignored? . . .

The use of violence to impose the Constitution having set a precedent, a spirit of reverence for the use of force and a propensity to condone the power it conferred progressively contaminated a country henceforth dominated by the heirs of Sherman et al. . . . [T]he new spirit blossomed and spread throughout its new empire, claiming as its manifest destiny a right to conquer land, master nature, acquire riches, and, in a word, become as mighty as possible.[1]

So . . . it's not a union at all. And hasn't been since 1861. As the author indicates, the Northern version of the Constitution was jammed down the throats of the South. After the war, South Carolina got a Constitution written by northerners imposed on it.

Now it's the globalists, anti-white views of the Treason Class that are jammed down everyone's throat. Including the throats of Russians, Serbs, Syrians, and Libyans.

[1] "1865: The True American Revolution." By Prof. Claude Polin, Chronicles, 3/2/15.

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