Monday, March 30, 2015

Roundup of News and Information

I’ve been busy – REALLY busy – for the last few weeks.  Just catching up on life events (cleaning, organizing, taxes), lots to do at work (I DO still have to work), taking 2 grad classes (I needed Gifted and Talented endorsement to continue teaching the Honors classes), and a bum knee (partly torn meniscus, and partly osteoarthritis).
As a result, I’ve had little time to do much beyond hit the headlines, and skim the more popular blogs for the last month and a half.  I’m getting ready to pack up for my Easter Break – 9 days off work, with little to do but housework, taxes, and healing.  The kids at work are playing catch-up (review, completing and turning in unfinished work, and taking an online quiz), so I have a few minutes:
  • The continual shredding of the Constitution and properly-passed law by Obama’s administration has reached the truly disturbing level, including this

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