Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The greatest threat to European man and their primary mode of attack.

Listen up all those attacking Peter Hitchens and attempting to portray Putin and Russia as one the major threats to Europeans and the security and territory of its majority historical populations that we face today

. . . [It] is not Putin or Russia that [have] been busy the last 50 years waging a relentless mean, wicked, evil cynical and pathological campaign of racial double standards, and cultural and demographic vandalism and terrorism [against] all of its own majority populations in North America, Australia and Europe.

The morally diseased ruling elite in the West, in finance, [government], media, the civil sector and academia appear fully committed to transforming the West into an Africanised, Muslimised, Mexified, [Asianised,] third world[,] crime ridden, [impoverished,] multi-tribalised slum, together with the ever more draconian speech crime laws and [an] oppressive authoritarian police state required to demonise, intimidate, hoodwink, persecute, prosecute, and cattle prod any uppity Whites who attempt to stray beyond the Orwellian [fence] lines of their ideological Stalinist gulag by protesting our own demographic ethnic cleansing[.]

The Western elite represent the greatest threat to the future and biological survival of European man in recorded history. They are the only thing which has ever put a question mark over the biological survival of European man

This modern day[,] sociopathic[,] criminal syndicate of geeks, crooks, [lackeys], career spivs, [demagogues], fanatical hacks, sophists and cringing conformists are intent on interpreting their crimes as proof of their moral supremacy.

And they've duped you. All they have to do is say the words, "racist[,]" "fascist[,]" "Hitler" and like Pavolivian reflex dogs that are trained to salivate at the sound of a bell ringing, you mindlessly obey and attack your own flesh and blood[.]

You are so naive and gullible, that you haven't [figured] out that the reason they have spent all of their time accusing their opponents of being "fascists" is [because] they know that's all it takes to dupe you into thinking[:]

"Oh, in that case this means they must be the exact opposite[.]" [He probably means, "Oh, in that case they surely must be fascists." BB]

Grow up, man up, stop being such a useful idiot and apologetic whimp for your culture, nation, [civilization] and race. Grow a spine and stop being manipulated by snake oil peddlers and petrified of being [called] a "racist[.]"

For them you are just livestock[,] tax cattle and cannon fodder.

Comment by Dan O'Connor on "It’s Nato that’s empire-building, not Putin." By Peter Hitchens, The Spectator, 3/7/15.

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cmblake6 said...

European "man"? Are any left?