Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Our own worst enemy.

To be frank, the West does not even need foreign enemies to help it collapse. Just think of Rousseau’s definition of a perfect society as one in which a man remains as free as he was before he entered it. Under these terms, how can the West have worse enemies than its own citizens? . . .

. . . The West is compassionate to the point of stupidity, for sure, but out of some momentary identification with some haphazard others and not out of any charity whatsoever. Absolute individualism is the real plague of the West.

Pogo, the cartoon possum, was right. Remember "We have met the enemy and he is us"? Liberals have loved that witticism because to them it was a shorthand way of ridiculing any rightist who thought not surrendering to communism or the liberal/progressive agenda (but I repeat myself) was an excellent foreign and domestic policy.

As the LibProgs like to think: The enemy = Us! Them! Rubes, simpletons, and knuckledragging racists who inexplicably object to being colonized by Asians, Mexicans and Muslims.

No tendency or unavoidable consequence of liberalism or progressivism is acknowledged. The slaughter and hideous oppression of the 20th-century -- and 1,400 years of Islamic imperialism and slavery -- go unacknowledged as the leftist embrace of benevolent absolutism tightens and tightens.

No. It's the (neo-)Nazis, the far right (Nazis), the radical right (Nazis), and the "nationalists" (Nazis) who are the danger.

In reality, citizens who cannot bear any restriction on their freedom of action and willingly prey on the productive few will will not recognize any restriction imposed by even benign institutions founded on time-tested laws, custom, and religion. They see nothing to be defended in the kill joy state, offer no service, and demand unearned forced exactions from their betters.

If you wonder why leftist Americans do not object to the 30-50M invasion of America, this is your answer.

[1] "Suicide of the West (Revisited)." By Prof. Claude Polin, Chronicles, 1/1/14 (subscription only).

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