Monday, September 26, 2016

Why Do I Keep Thinking of This Scene?

This election is giving me nightmares.  What will happen if Hillary DOESN'T win?

Watch it from about 3 minutes.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

OH Congresswoman Accuses Trump of Inciting Terrorism

In the House hearing to investigate the cash transfer of funds to Iran, an Ohio Congresswoman - Joyce Beatty (D) accused Donald Trump of inciting terrorism.

LOVE to see if this makes the news.

Right now, Congressman Keith Ellison (D. MI) is carping about some Republicans meeting on Inauguration Day to "Vow to make President Obama a 1-term president".  He's calling the hearing a "theatrical performance".  The people testifying are carefully shading their answers to avoid answering the Republicans' questions, and - I could be wrong about this - the Democrats appear to be reading from talking points from the Administration.

Rep, French Hill (R. AK) is stating that they are there to try to gain some clarity about the transaction, which he says was inadequately explained by the Administration.

Boy, the people on the hot seat are scrambling to avoid naming those responsible.  Can't say who authorized - who signature was on the agreement. 

Hill looks good - polite, but pointed in his questions.

The ranking member of the subcommittee, Al Green (D - TX), is - again - focusing on the "plan" to GET Obama.

The poor man!  On the crucifix, and STILL suffering.