Thursday, June 27, 2019

Needlework Nazis

I know it's a stretch to think of knitters and crocheters as rapid partisans, ready to rumble with the other girls.

But, it has happened on Ravelry - a site for yarn crafters. The story is here - you will probably read it, thinking "this must be one of those parody sites".


You can - and will - be kicked off the site for expressing support for Trump. The crafter who tells the story says the most recent anti-Non-Leftist bans are not the first time Knitters Went Nuts!

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Foreign Influence in the USA

Hint: it's not Trump and his associates that we should be worried about.

How colleges are using foreign money to push non-American agendas.

It's been almost 4 years since HRC (Hillary) has been 'investigated' for misuse of government confidential documents, AND the destruction of evidence through Bleachbit and physical destruction of the devices that the evidence passed through. So, what is going on now?

Ep. 1007 This is a Big Problem. The Dan Bongino Show 6/21/2019.

I do like Dan Bongino. His stuff hits home HARD!

Sunday, June 16, 2019

The 60s Are DEAD! Do You Hear Me?


The last gasps of a True Believer - whether a Communist, a Confederate, or a New Left-Over - are when the organism is most dangerous.

They have nothing to lose, hence:

  • Russia became even MORE intolerable in the latter years of Stalin
  • The KKK had a resurgence just at the last Confederates were facing their last days
  • The New Left is grabbing at ANY means available, in their last push for Power
But, they are a dying organism. If we hold tightly to The Reality of America, we can win.

But, in the process, they will lash out, taking down as many as they can - hence, the de-platforming, censoring, forcing dissent underground, co-opting of the media - both formal Media, and Social Media. Some good people will be broken, or even die.

Thursday, June 13, 2019


In this particular case, Who better to be POTUS than an extremely successful CEO of business? Answer that, please.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Meadows Has Seen The DECLAS, Flynn Brady Violations, Barr Knows

While, admittedly, I'm on pins and needles, I'm in total agreement with one of the things RP78 said. The eveidence has got to be absolutely bullet-proof. Open and shut bullet-proof. The Orientals have a thing about patience that we westerners do not. Would that I shared that, were that my blood pressure did not spike when I hear all the "next week" garbage.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

SERIALBRAIN2: Bob Mueller & The Democrats Are Desperately Try To Stop W...

Support Pastor James with his goods at the beginning, laugh heartily at the video intro, and then pay close attention to the rest.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Border Invasion, and Other Crimes of the Aliens

First, let's set the term straight:

  • These border-crossers are NOT immigrants - they do NOT have our permission to enter. In fact, most enter AOW - Against Our Wishes.
  • They are NOT 'undocumented immigrants' - the term 'immigrant', as shown above, does not fit. They are not those who left in dark hours, hiding from the brutal authorities in their own country, innocent of any crime. In many cases, they left home with the facilitation of their country's power structure, eager to off-load extra mouths to feed.
  • They often enter using guile - getting a tourist visa, then staying on, finding employment, and connecting with others who are legal citizens - and, eventually, applying for asylum/citizenship. Some of them become otherwise model citizens - employed, good neighbors, raising families, paying taxes. Others have not - either engaging in crime, terrorism, or raising children who go on to commit atrocities - such as the Boston Bombers (both foreign-born) and Omar Mateen, an American-born child of immigrants, who perpetuated the Orlando nightclub shooting.
So, the proper term is Alien. Not this kind:

Nor, this kind:

But, this kind:

Here's a link to an article by The Atlantic that gets nearly everything wrong. It minimizes the threat, and uses historical data to whitewash current threats. I've known MANY Syrian emigres, and I agree - the newcomers to the USA were no threat to America - THEN.

I can't assume that today's potential immigrants would be equally harmless. In fact, in the absence of proof of harm, I'll err on the side of caution.

Re-reading Kirstjen Nielsen's testimony is a reminder that the best part of her service in DHS is when she got kicked to the curb. The idea of loyalty to your employer's mission is a foreign concept to these entitled shits in the Progressive family.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Monday, June 3, 2019

Using Prime Effectively

First, I want to STRONGLY recommend that you see the documentary at the link - The Creepy Line.

It's about the intrusion of media into our lives, facilitated by the Internet. Trust me - you'll not only want to watch it, but to get EVERYONE you know to do the same.

Second, it occurred to me, watching this, that Amazon Prime has the potential to get MANY anti-Common Wisdom - also known as Not-Leftist - films a wider audience. That audience will naturally want to search out similar films/series.

That's where we - Non-Leftists in various forms of Media - can step in. We can capture them with the films/series, taking them into the blogs with periodic reviews and discussion of what that topic represents to the average citizen (facilitated, by those who have not yet been kicked off social media), and - eventually - lead them to our other media, short stories and books.

It could work. It has the potential to build an audience, raise some consciousness of the extent to which they've been propagandized in the past, and lead them to explore alternatives to the Leftist Narrative.