Sunday, December 30, 2018

News Updates: Q Song, Weaponizing Congress, Cohen, Liberal Lunatic

This is awesome. Not just about awesome, but stone awesome. Yes, you have to listen to the credits before the music, but it's well worth it! Damn!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2018

FINALLY A Comedy Sketch Against Liberals! 'Armageddon' Comedy Sketch Spo...

To tell you the absolute truth, this PoundMeToo trash probably could end up this bad. #MeToo? Bwahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 28, 2018

What Must Be Done Dept.

     I was doubly affected by this story:

     The range is packed. Everyone got new guns for Christmas and wants to shoot them. There was about an hour wait for a stall. I sit down and start reading as I wait my turn. In a few minutes, a young girl sits down to wait in the chair next to mine. She’s by herself and appears to be in her early 20s. She’s the only black person in the room and one of the only women. She seems nervous as she fiddles with the gun case in her lap. She’s obviously uncomfortable.

     Uncomfortable people with guns in their hands shooting in the stall next to me isn’t what I like to see. I decide to talk to her. Keep in mind that no one at this range knows me or knows what I do for a living. That’s why I like shooting there; I have complete anonymity and can focus on my own training rather than teaching others. I rarely talk to anyone, but something told me that I needed to talk to this girl.

     “It’s a long wait, huh?” “What kind of gun did you bring to shoot?”

     She smiles and seems visibly relieved that someone was being nice to her. She says “It’s just a 9mm. Nothing special, but it’s the only thing I could afford.”

     We keep talking. I find out she’s a single mom with two kids. Her house has been broken into three times in the last two months. The last burglary attempt occurred while she was in the house with her kids. She has never shot a gun, but she recognized that she had a duty to protect her family. She went to a gun show and bought a Jimenez Arms JA-9. She asked all her male friends and family members to go to the range with her, but all of them turned her down.

     She tells me that she has a bad feeling that the robbers are coming back tonight to get the x-mas presents she bought for her kids. She doesn’t know anything about guns and doesn’t know anyone who can teach her. She’s signed up for a CCW class, but no one teaches classes on the week of Christmas and she can’t find an opening until January. The problem is that she thinks the robbers are coming TONIGHT. A January class isn’t going to help.

     Please, PLEASE read it all.

     I was affected first by the kindness and insight of the narrator. That sort of generosity with one’s time should be celebrated. It’s more than merely heartwarming to read such a tale; it’s what makes Americans – gun enthusiasts especially – unique among the peoples of the world. Had I been there, I’d have bought him the handgun of his choice.

     But the second stage kicked in immediately afterward: The scenario portrayed in the tale could not have happened in New York or several other, equally firearms-averse states. The young woman would have been left defenseless by New York State law.

     If there’s any sort of law more unjust than one that disarms only the law-abiding, I can’t imagine what it might be.

It’s time for Second Amendment Absolutism!

Not Ubiquitous Tech - Appropriate Tech

Too many schools fall into that trap of 1:1 computing. The idea is every student needs to have a laptop/tablet, or there will arise a "digital divide" between the rich and the poor.

To this end, schools cooperate with Apple, Google, and Microsoft to bring in technology that is linked to those products. A captive audience, that will provide - at little cost - a ton of info on the browsing habits, interests, academic success, and socio-economic status of thousands of young people. That data collection is embedded into the framework of the "gift" or purchase. The schools get the tech at a discount.

The real cost is to give tech companies access to your kids.

That access also helps the software/hardware companies to teach - seamlessly embedded into the curriculum - kids how to use their products. In effect, paying the tech companies to let them hook your kids into use of their products - for life.

There are open-source or lower cost alternatives for Office Suite (LibreOffice), Google (DuckDuckGo), the OS (Linux), Chrome (Brave), and other applications. But, if the kids are first taught how to use the branded product, they will be less likely to change in the future.

The fact is, some classes will use computers very little, or only limited applications. For others, it's more essential.

In Social Studies, Math, or Languages, tech apps might be used, but having every student with their own device is simply not necessary. A shared laptop cart may well be sufficient to handle the limited needs of those classes.

For homework, a check-out system for laptops/computers to augment access for students without a home computer would be sufficient. Much of the work that is needed could be accomplished with a Smartphone. There is generally access (thanks to Obamaphones) in even the poorest households.

In Science is where the technology is needed - and, most of that is for the Physical Sciences. There are Biology and Earth Science applications, but most teachers don't use them. In the Physical Sciences, the data collection probe systems justify the technology purchase. Not necessarily a laptop for each student, but at least a classroom set.

I'm a big technology user. But, I've seen classrooms use technology simply as a replacement for paper and pencil activities. The downside of that is teachers spend an inordinate amount of time re-directing students off games, shopping for shoes (it's a FAR bigger thing than you would believe), or watching videos (yes, they are SUPPOSED to be blocked, but kids collaborate to get the work-arounds).

We should not be aiming for Ubiquitous Tech, but Appropriate Tech.

RIVETING! Deep State Neutered The War Was Over Before It Began - Victo...

I do love me some James Red Pills America. Just hold on...

If you go to You Tube

Look up X22 Report. This guy has an AWFUL lot of really good stuff. Try this one, for example:


Tuesday, December 25, 2018

A Quick Thought For Christmas Day

     A question that was once posed about the Christian faith, posed seriously despite its seeming irreverence, runs thus:

     “If one day you were haled into court and compelled to face the charge of being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?”

     Just now, here in the Land of the Kinda-Sorta Free, that’s not a realistic scenario, though there are other nations where such charges are laid against ordinary men and women, often with the possibility of execution as the stakes. But the question was meant in a non-legalistic way: i.e., to illuminate how we live.

     In a court proceeding that goes by evidence, no one could be convicted of Christianity on the basis of what he believes. That door is locked from the inside. The only relevant evidence would be the accused’s behavior. In other words: does the accused’s behavior comport with what Christians proclaim as the Christian way of living? And just what is that, anyway?

     Many persons are made uncomfortable by such a query, not because there’s any real ambiguity about the Christian way of life – the Nicene Creed, the Two Great Commandments, and the Ten Commandments of the Book of Exodus lay it out plainly – but because they aren’t quite sure what they believe it to be.

     Christmas Day commemorates the birth of Christianity’s Founder. That makes it an appropriate day on which to ask oneself: “What do I believe is the Christian way of life? What did Christ command? What did He forbid? And on what basis do I believe this?”

     Come to think of it, those aren’t bad questions to ask oneself on any day of the year. But on the Feast of the Nativity, they deserve special attention.

     May God bless and keep you all.

Monday, December 24, 2018

If You Follow Twitter...

     ...which I don’t, I’m sure you can find lots of nonsense over there. I understand a lot of “journalists” use Twitter as their primary publicity organ. Myself, I’d think the publicity available from this sort of “tweet” is more likely to be negative:

     That doesn’t qualify as hyperbole. Indeed, it would get many a non-“journalist” an involuntary trip to the local sanitarium for a “check-up.” Here’s a sober assessment:

     Once again: Indeed.

Telling It Like It Is

     I think very highly of Senator Rand Paul (R, KY). My admiration for him goes still higher when he expresses himself as clearly and forcefully as this:

     MARGARET BRENNAN: You've been on a tweet storm this morning saying, President's decision to pull out of Syria and cut our troop presence in Afghanistan in half, you said "the entire foreign policy establishment of Washington, DC, who two years ago were swearing Trump was going to start multiple nuclear wars. Now they're mad because he is stopping two wars. How about you just admit you hate the President, love war and have been wrong for the last twenty years on every part of foreign policy?" Who are you referring to because the defense secretary and the top diplomat handling ISIS both resigned over these decisions?

     SENATOR RAND PAUL: You know, I think that we should look at some of the statements of the people who are advocating that we stay in Afghanistan forever and that we also stay now in Syria with no sort of determined end. General Mattis, even General Mattis said that there's no military solution to Syria, and he's also said there's no military solution to Afghanistan. How do you think our young soldiers feel? I have members of my family that are going over there soon, how do you think they feel being sent to Afghanistan when your generals are saying there's no military solution? So I think the burden is really on Mattis and others who want perpetual war to explain why if there is no military solution we're sending more troops....

     We've been there seventeen years. We think now we are going to take one more village and we'll get a better negotiated deal?... That was the strategy of Vietnam for years after year after year in Vietnam was to take one more village and we'll get a better negotiated deal. No, they waited us out and the Taliban are going to wait us out. They know we will eventually leave and leave we must. I mean I don't think we have enough money to be paying to build and rebuild and build and rebuild Afghanistan. The President is right and I think the people agree with him. Let's rebuild America. Let's spend that money here at home....

     I couldn’t have said it better – and I was once in favor of the interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq. It’s time for those of us who were so inclined to admit our mistakes.

Sunday, December 23, 2018


     Let’s have a little C. S. Lewis:

     “Yes,” said Weston at last, “and I will begin with a frank admission. You may make what capital of it you please. I shall not be deterred. I deliberately say that I was, in some respects, mistaken — seriously mistaken — in my conception of the whole interplanetary problem when I went to Malacandra.”

     Partly from the relaxation which followed the disappearance of the pistol, and partly from the elaborate air of magnanimity with which the great scientist spoke. Ransom felt very much inclined to laugh. But it occurred to him that this was possibly the first occasion in his whole life in which Weston had ever acknowledged himself in the wrong, and that even the fake dawn of humility, which is still ninety-nine per cent of arrogance, ought not to be rebuffed — or not by him. (From Perelandra)

     A Swedish theologist has publicly denounced Islamism. A couple of detractors have leaped on her act of considerable courage with comments to the effect of “It’s about BLEEP!ing time.” This is small minded told-you-so crap that decent persons should condemn. An awakening to and admission of one’s own errors is not to be derided!

     The Swedes are awakening to their danger. Many others remain asleep. Don’t pour contempt on the first flickering sparks of wisdom reborn.

Why No Wall?

     I found this today at Cold Fury:

     Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said Republicans need to “abandon” border wall funding if they want the government to reopen, just less than 24 hours into the partial shutdown....

     The New York senator also said Democrats are “open to discussing any proposal as long as they do not include anything for the wall,” showing Democrats are not willing to compromise on border wall funding.

     It is painfully clear that the Democrats are terrified of the Wall, that they consider an open southern border to be indispensable to their electoral future, and that any “we support border security” talk they emit is pure blue smoke and mirrors. They do not want America’s borders secured. But there’s worse:

     A substantial number of Senatorial Republicans don’t want the Wall either. They’re using their Democrat colleagues as an excuse for why they can’t (meaning won’t) fund it. We need an explanation for this.

     One possibility is “follow the money:” that the big-money donors whose support for a Senate candidate is vital don’t want the Wall. Federal politicians are among the most expensive whores in the world, but many billionaires consider them a worthwhile investment.

     Another is “keeping the issue alive:” the border crisis provides a candidate something to tout at election time. It proved potent for Trump, so some Senators might hope to exploit it for their long as they can pose as being pro-Wall while never actually delivering.

     A third is dislike for President Trump and contempt for those of us who voted for him. Given the number of supposed “Republicans” and “conservatives” who routinely denounce the president and hope for his downfall, surely that needs no further exploration.

     One thing is clear: Present trends and modi operandi continuing, we won’t have a secure southern border any time soon. Will that make anyone angry enough to actually do something? Maybe a few hundred thousand “Yellow Vest” marchers around the Capitol, for openers?

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Trump Treason List Arrests Iminent;Rothschilds,Bush,Chaney,George,Bill,H...

You can't go wrong with SGT Report. This one is very good indeed! A little long, but good.

Top 5 Things Every Gun Owner Needs To Know

Unfortunately, this is a truth. Self defense is often not plain and simply recognized. Sometimes yes, most times no. Say nothing. If you must say anything, it has to be "I was in fear for my life". THEN STFU. Nothing else. Nothing. Those might not be the exact words you use, but something like them.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Trumps Master Spooks & the Destruction of the Enemies of the Republic - ...

"James Red Pills America" says he will be re-mastering the sound. This is a superb video, but it will be better with better sound. As it is, it is tremendous. We will win this thing. Trust the plan, it is good.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Pushing Back Against Media

One of the most useful things we can do, most of us already have - cut the cord, detach from the newspapers, get most of our information from trusted (not mainstream media) sources.

It was actions like the above that led pundits to describe bloggers as "those crazies sitting at their computers in their pajamas". Glenn Reynolds and others took that as a challenge, and started PJ Media. And, a whole lot of other people rose up, signed up on Blogger, and let fly.

Most of them quickly found other things to do. A relative few went on to some success. Some split off into videos, podcasts, and other media. And, some took advantage of the Indie Publishing Revolution.

And, then, there are the plodders, like myself. I had some successes - mentions in far more popular blogs - one time, a short mention in Curmudgeonly & Skeptical caused my account to lock up for a few hours.

Since then, I've been invited to join in on several group blogs and, recently, decided to write books. I finished one (needs revision), and am currently writing several more (yes, several - I never was too bright). Most recently, I decided that I needed to write the definitive Anti-Feminist book - and Feminine Manifesto was born. I have a link to possible chapter divisions here - feel free to make your own suggestions.

I expect to put up chapters as I complete them, and indie publish the compilation when it's done.

The point is, for too long, the average person has delegated the job of exercising his/her/whatever 1st Amendment rights to the Professionals. Only in blogging and indie publishing have the average person taken any action to assert those rights for himself/et al.

Just as delegating one's right to Bear Arms to cops, sheriffs, National Guard, and other military suddenly came to be seen as a Really Bad Idea under Obama, so trusting others with your 1st Amendments rights is something that is not in your best interest.

Even the limited use that most people exercise - posting on Facebook or Twitter - has been shown to be illusory. If you don't have control over the 'printing press', you ain't got Jack!

Be prepared to 'go to ground' - switch from Blogger or other media source, to - if necessary - samizdat publishing (literally, the hand-copied writing that Russian dissidents used to circulate their unapproved thoughts). While you can, get multiple email accounts, multiple blogging accounts, multiple media outlets.

They can TRY to stop us, but - if we are nimble and willing to fight - they won't be able to shut up down - or shut us up.

If we're reduced to scrawling on walls and sidewalks, well, that's what we'll do. the means of expression is not as important as the desire to express yourself.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

How to Prepare Hardy Vegetables to THRIVE during a COLD Winter

And then there's this. Meat you can hunt and kill. Vegetables are also needed.

How ONE PLANT Can Give You FREE FOOD Forever! (And Plenty of it!)

Okay, a bit different from my normal post, (whatever that might be) but think. Are we about to have some trauma before we get back on our feet? Maybe, maybe not. But this never hurts. If nothing else, it gives us even more profit!

Monday, December 17, 2018

BREAKING! Gun Rights Advocate Warns Of 2nd American Revolution if Dracon...

Remember the Michael Robinson thing from Greensboro NC? This guy is pretty good as well!

What is an Outlaw Blogger?

An outlaw would be someone whose crimes are so great, that they have voluntarily placed themselves outside of the protection of the law - in other words, a person would not be prosecuted for killing them on sight.

The term developed during the early days of the Western frontier, when certain crimes, such as cattle-rustling - stealing a man's cattle - were the actions of these outlaws. In the western ranges, cattle were turned loose for long periods of time, during which they had to forage for themselves. Out on the open range, some of them would wander away from the rest of the herd.

Most people, finding another person's cattle in their herd, would let the lawful owner know about it, and arrange for the cattle to be returned. Rustlers, on the other hand, would take unattended cattle, often re-branding it to be able to claim it as theirs.

We, as Outlaw Bloggers, are declaring ourselves to identify with those people who the law will not protect. This is, perhaps, an exaggeration, but not by much - given the position of the Leftists, that un-authorized speech, writing, or thought will be punished.

I'm going to take on some responsibility for getting this blog back in action. I'm going to pledge to post 3 times a week, on some un-approved topic, from now until the end of 2019. Perhaps we can get this blog back on track, and lend our support to Unauthorized 1st Amendment Action.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Magic Sword - Volume 1

Q sent me. Excellent music!!!!!!!!!!

Relaxing in Panera with Coffee

After getting my stiff and aging butt out early to get to 9 am mass, I decided to treat myself with some breakfast and coffee, at Panera. I try to visit at least once a month to get a full meal, as I so often use/abuse their wifi privilege when I want to write, but am going stir-crazy at home.

I found some interesting things online - Andrew Sullivan has a generally thoughtful piece about the replacement of religion with secular pursuits, and why it so often leads to Cultic Politics.

I do have to question his conflation of Trump supporters with blind cult-followers. Most of Trump's supporters do see his faults - and they are many - but, simply prefer a President with faults who doesn't hate everything about America, to the many politicians whose followers insist they have no faults - and don't consider hatred for America, capitalism, and the Constitution to be faults.

Sullivan has also written about the Opioid Crisis, and its relationship to spiritual emptiness. The only known means to break the addiction was pioneered by a man influenced by the English Spiritual Awakening that coalesced in the Oxford Group. The Oxford met in house parties, and developed spiritual practices that heavily influenced Bill W. in developing AA.
To be spiritually reborn, the Oxford Group advocated four practices set out below:[9]:9
  1. The sharing of our sins and temptations with another Christian.
  2. Surrender our life past, present and future, into God's keeping and direction.
  3. Restitution to all whom we have wronged directly or indirectly.
  4. Listening for God's guidance, and carrying it out.
 Compare Nike's treatment of Kaepernick to that of Turkish player for the NY Nicks - Eres Kanter. Because Kanter opposed Ergodan, Turkey has threatened to close access to any company that gives Kanter a contract.

No shoe deal for YOU!

I caught the last 1/3 of the movie Idiocracy this weekend. It was funnier before Life started imitating Art.

Military Tribunals To Begin In January

We may but hope this effective, yes?

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Come ON, LOB!

This idea was good. VERY good. If people search for our handles, Google will bring them here.

My blog got shuttered by WP, we shall see if it ever comes back. But we all have this. This is still here. This is still a viable window.

I'm here, Linda is here. WHERE ARE YOU?????????????????

Let's light it UP!!!!!!!!!!!

Patriots Are In Control,The DS Was Just Out Maneuvered,The Great Awakeni...

Let this chill you to the bone. THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!