Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Pushing Back Against Media

One of the most useful things we can do, most of us already have - cut the cord, detach from the newspapers, get most of our information from trusted (not mainstream media) sources.

It was actions like the above that led pundits to describe bloggers as "those crazies sitting at their computers in their pajamas". Glenn Reynolds and others took that as a challenge, and started PJ Media. And, a whole lot of other people rose up, signed up on Blogger, and let fly.

Most of them quickly found other things to do. A relative few went on to some success. Some split off into videos, podcasts, and other media. And, some took advantage of the Indie Publishing Revolution.

And, then, there are the plodders, like myself. I had some successes - mentions in far more popular blogs - one time, a short mention in Curmudgeonly & Skeptical caused my account to lock up for a few hours.

Since then, I've been invited to join in on several group blogs and, recently, decided to write books. I finished one (needs revision), and am currently writing several more (yes, several - I never was too bright). Most recently, I decided that I needed to write the definitive Anti-Feminist book - and Feminine Manifesto was born. I have a link to possible chapter divisions here - feel free to make your own suggestions.

I expect to put up chapters as I complete them, and indie publish the compilation when it's done.

The point is, for too long, the average person has delegated the job of exercising his/her/whatever 1st Amendment rights to the Professionals. Only in blogging and indie publishing have the average person taken any action to assert those rights for himself/et al.

Just as delegating one's right to Bear Arms to cops, sheriffs, National Guard, and other military suddenly came to be seen as a Really Bad Idea under Obama, so trusting others with your 1st Amendments rights is something that is not in your best interest.

Even the limited use that most people exercise - posting on Facebook or Twitter - has been shown to be illusory. If you don't have control over the 'printing press', you ain't got Jack!

Be prepared to 'go to ground' - switch from Blogger or other media source, to - if necessary - samizdat publishing (literally, the hand-copied writing that Russian dissidents used to circulate their unapproved thoughts). While you can, get multiple email accounts, multiple blogging accounts, multiple media outlets.

They can TRY to stop us, but - if we are nimble and willing to fight - they won't be able to shut up down - or shut us up.

If we're reduced to scrawling on walls and sidewalks, well, that's what we'll do. the means of expression is not as important as the desire to express yourself.

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cmblake6 said...

We do what we must. I am just happy to see US back here.