Friday, May 24, 2019

Breaking News: Insurrection Act Coming Soon?

Definitely worth 25 minutes of your time. His style seems a bit dry, but it's all good stuff.

Where have I been? Trying not to lose my mind and have my heart explode. These left wing filth need to go to the chair.

Once Again, Mis-Stating Your Enemy's Position

Steve King is responsible for it here.

  1. No, Trump did NOT exclude visas from people by religion. He DID try to exclude individuals from known terrorist states, most of which were majority-Islamic. Some Islamic states were not on the list.
  2. NO, women who suffer miscarriages would not be affected by the AL or GA laws. In fact, women would NOT be prosecuted for abortion. The person actually committing the illegal operation COULD be. King deliberately mis-states the provisions of the law - what we, the Deplorables, call LYING.
  3. King can bring up ancient Greece all he wants to. This is AMERICA - we set our own laws, rules, and culture. So, no, whatever they did does not determine what we should do.

Monday, May 20, 2019

How Do Expert Predictions Fare?

Eh, not all that well.

That doesn't surprise me. Even in strictly scientific experiments, only very narrowly crafted models will be able to be replicated. The closer those models are to reality, the less predictable they are.

And, both economics and climate are complicated. Any model based on those disciplines will only work in that idealized framework. The minute you try to take those results into the Real World, the model's predictability falls apart.

Economic is messy because the results can be disrupted by people - their laws, their impulses, their tendency to follow the herd.

Climate is messy because we are no ways near a model that is lifelike AND predictable. Small changes - sunspots, volcanic action, politically imposed solutions - all are disruptive mechanisms.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Will Investigators Be - Once Again - Accused of "Red-Baiting"?

This is - unbelievable. Yet ANOTHER Communist - FORMER Communist, of course - /sarc - in Obama's administration. One the Head of the CIA. The other the Head of the FBI.

PURE coincidence, I'm sure.

Of course, it's TRUMP that cooperates with the Commies.

Written Early, Because - Travel

I'm getting ready for some travel, due to family medical issues. While I'm away, I'm preparing this, and other posts, so I can concentrate on more important things.

Kudos to Judicial Watch, one of the many Organizations Doing the Work the Regular Media Won't Do. Their dogged persistence is one of the things keeping the fire to the feet of the Obama-Clinton-Deep-State Cabal.

There's an analysis of Trump's performance in issues crucial to Evangelicals and Old-School Christians - whether Fundamentalists or Catholic. The writer reaches some conclusions, and predicts a turbulent future for social issues at the state level. FWIW, I largely agree with him.

Speaking of women's issues, Nike - you know, that company that is self-righteous about moral stances - is being criticized for its anti-maternal policies. And, as track is one of those sports dominated by non-White women at the Elite level, this is something that they had better change, lest they be also accused of being anti-Black, as well.

Sounds like the Trans-Persons of Femininity might be a better choice for sponsorship.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Are We Reaching THAT Moment?

Many seem to think so. Certainly, gun sales would indicate that many are preparing for THAT day.

Everyone has a Last Straw. That moment when all rational self-control, all fear of consequences, all fear - ALL go out the door.

Many reached that point under the Obama administration. But, not enough.

The Mueller investigation, for others, was that Last Straw.

But, again, not enough.

The Democrats, led by political hacks and grifters, and urged to act by ignorant and bigoted fools, are digging in. They will NOT accept the Mueller report, continue to try to get their coup off the ground, and look to go down in flames in 2020. If the more loony of them don't start open rebellion.

One great thing about Trump's election is that it damped down the rebellion talk on the non-Leftist side. The bad thing is that the Leftists have become 'progressively' unhinged.

Monday, May 6, 2019

The Science of Climate Change

There are actual scientists working on this issue.

Unfortunately, they don't seem to be working at the science journals, which mis-state, twist, and publish the most tortured interpretation of the facts available. Leftists surely must be in charge of MOST of the staff.

The link takes you to a quite clear and lucid explanation of why the hysteria about climate - and other Leftist hobbyhorses - is overblown, if not completely made up.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Will Soldiers Shoot U.S. Citizens for Resisting Gun Confiscation?

One: My OATH was to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, foreign AND domestic.

Two: My OATH had no expiration date.

Three: This government (at the time) wanted to use the American military against the American people for following those Rights recognized by said Constitution.

Four: WTF?!?!

Sometimes, I FEEL Like a Natural Woman!

And, whether I do or not, I AM a woman - Appearance, Biology, DNA, and all that.

But, the Left says that any man who FEELS like a woman IS a woman. And, if "she" takes a testosterone suppressing drug to reduce the levels present to FIVE times what the average actual woman has present, why, then, "she" can compete with birth-women in athletics.

And, completely dominate the sport, capturing, in ONE day, 4 world records, effectively shutting out any birth-woman from ever reaching a record again.

Ask yourself - is this a woman?