Monday, September 16, 2019

About That Terrorist List...

...and it being used to keep shady people from getting guns?

Among those who would have difficulties with that:

  • Mild-mannered David Nelson, who played himself on the show "Ozzie & Harriet" (not to be confused with the rock star who bites bats & got himself banned from the state of TX for disgracing himself at the Alamo). 
  • A six-year old girl from OH. Her mother admits that she has been known to threaten her sister. I mean, look at her picture - she's baring her teeth - I'm threatened just by looking at her! What more do you need? 
  • Eight-year old Cub Scout Mikey Hicks - Cub Scout? That's practically a Hate Crime right there! 
  • Several James Robinsons, including 2 military men - one a lawyer (OK, that's a good call), and a former brigadier general authorized - by TSA - to carry a gun onto a plane.
  • Ted Kennedy - Gee, this list is starting to look like a GOOD thing. Ted's dead, so the only No-Fly List he's on is the Angel Wings List. 
  • Rep. John Lewis (D) - Okay, he's pretty shady, but there is no DIRECT evidence he shouldn't have access to guns. Well, other that he's a lying, posturing, mentally unstable SO - well, I won't go there. I will mention, however, that he is one of the Leaders for the Congressional Sit-In to limit 2nd Amendment Rights.

So, what take-away can we get from this? How about
Don't Mess With Our Constitutional Rights

Saturday, September 14, 2019

What She Said

Goes for me, too.

The cheerless little snots that can't resist flinging their poo at their elders really chaps my keister. I know some of them, and they can be a royal pain. Any connection you have, however marginal, to a person/group of whom they disapprove, is reason for them to state that ANYONE who doesn't IMMEDIATELY cast those folks into the deepest pit of Hell is ALSO a FASCIST/NAZI.

Piss on 'em.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Thursday, September 5, 2019

I Have a New Desktop Picture

Did the Obama DOJ Employ Mr. Magoo?

It's hard to believe that they didn't, given this report.

And, while they're at it, SO conscientious about involvement with politics/appearance of impartiality.

Honestly, The Last Refuge is getting to be my weekly go-to.

The linked page has a video you have GOT to see!

Life is GOOD, people. I have a full fridge, AC, and the hurricane will NOT be affecting my part of SC.

And, a graphic you might want to use for your desktop wallpaper:

Sunday, September 1, 2019

The History of the Second Amendment

This was quite good, I thought. Why is this not taught in schools? Oh, yeah, government tyranny.