Wednesday, March 27, 2019


Just why it is Linda Fox and I are the ONLY contributors to this site recently? Oh yes, I know all of the others are still getting notifications that "somebody" has posted.

Read us, contribute, just freaking comment! This was a great idea, let's get this out there!!!!!!

EXPLOSIVE! Part 3 of 3: What If Qanon & The Great Awakening ARE Real?! M...

This is part 3 of some very deep stuff. Realize the truth, open your eyes.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Scientists Discover Mushrooms Growing On Mars!

One must wonder if they are safe to eat. If so, I want them in a steak/swiss/mushroom sandwich!

The Next Big Push for Non-Leftists

Begin taking action against those attempting to shut down oppositional thought by de-platforming Non-Leftists.

The Communication Decency Act (1996) was passed to prevent exploitation of vulnerable populations. So-called Common Carriers, those providers that handled the internet traffic, were given the same protections as the telephone companies had long enjoyed, that of protection from legal jeopardy for acts committed by their customers using the services.

Section 230 is the one that has been used as a shield for Facebook, Google, Youtube, and other services. It prevents them from being sued for what their customers say/post online.

But, it only applies as long as the services make no attempt to restrict speech preferentially. They CAN keep all customers from posting content, as long as they do the same for everyone. They cannot pick and choose the permissible content. In other words, if they chose to keep ALL customers from using insulting language towards the President - ALL Presidents - that would be permissible.

Allowing insults against SOME Presidents, but not others - not permissible.

That's the section of the law that needs to be used to force the internet services to give access to Non-Leftists on the same basis as they do the Left. Trump should make a point of directing his FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai, to start issuing guidance to carriers, and accepting complaints. If the providers won't change, they risk losing their status as Common Carriers.

Trust me. They won't risk that.

Lever Action Rifles: .30-30 vs .44 Magnum

Once again, how did Mr. Rogers and Chuck Norris have a child?

Monday, March 25, 2019

Now, Here's a Tax That I Could Get on Board With

Tax the Blue Zones.

To save the planet. By reducing the number that would be affected by the Coming Apocalypse.

While we're at it, start moving the Federal Government's staff to the hinterlands, where their Taxpayer-Provided salaries will go further. That would include the staff that does NOT have to be physically present - handling correspondence, setting up appearances, media liaisons, researchers, etc.

Replace the physical presence with video chat/text chat apps, like GoToMeeting or EZTalks.

Let's stop thinking in pre-21st Century terms. Let's Remake American Government - for the Kids!

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Thoughts About the Coddling of American Not-Adults

I can't call them "children" - many of them are college-age and even beyond.

Too many are being assisted by parents eager to have a bragging point on social media, or on the back of their SUV bumper.

Here's a good explanation of some of the ridiculous measures that parents have taken in an effort to see their kid "win" at life's events.

What might reasonable parental help look like?

  • Assistance for the first few grades with doing homework, and organizing their backpack to make it possible to locate work to be turned in, permission slips to be signed. Most kids don't need that much help after the first couple of times; some, the less-organized, or honestly disabled in that regard, might need assistance longer. At some point, kids have to be responsible for their own affairs - definitely before college.
  • Some coaching in sports, either personally, or with some help from a better-qualified coach. Unless their team coach says they've got a reasonable possibility of making it in high-level - Olympic or professional - sports, a start is all that is necessary. If the kid drives the practice - eager to continue long after you've pooped out, this is fine. If YOU are the one that is insisting on continuing practice, and the kid is reluctant, ask yourself - why is this so important to me? What is lacking in my own accomplishments that I would live vicariously through my child?
  • Project help - the first time they do this, they might honestly be confused about what is involved, and need some input. After that, unless there's a specific question - and quite small - they're on their own. For example, for each of my kids, the first time they had to do a research project, I worked with them. I helped them learn how to take notes, use those notes to begin writing, helped them learn how to use a word processor, and give a last check of the report, looking for spelling errors/typos, or seriously tangled grammar. That was it. Yes, I know other parents virtually did the work themselves. Too bad. That kid lost out - hugely - and did not learn from the assignment. It will bite that kid in the butt when they actually have to do their own work.
  • Friendships - playgroups are for those kids without siblings, who are too young to handle walking over to a friend's house. By the time they've hit 3rd grade or so, they're on their own. One exception - the socially awkward kid who needs some coaching on how to make, and keep, friends. But, by high school, at least, they're on their own.
  • Housework - a household worker is no substitute for what kids can learn by pitching in with the household chores. Even toddlers can pick up things on the floor. ALL kids should be able to clean up after themselves, do laundry, cook basic meals, and organize their stuff.
What can you add to this list?

Monday, March 18, 2019

Some Random Thoughts While on a Break

I've got a full-day sub job, and the schedule has me free until 10:35. Some of the things that have been on my mind:
  1. Teachers, if they have children, tend to have a LOT of children - often more than 2, sometimes as many as 4. That's a high number of kids for a relatively educated woman, and most of them are married. So, if you're looking for a woman who might be a good life partner, you might want to check out teachers. Warning: some of them - particularly the K-8 crowd and the Social Studies teachers - do tend to be somewhat to very Liberal. Almost all the Math and Science teachers lean to the Right. Tread warily.
  2. The support of teachers is not, despite all efforts of the Left, monolithic. Many on the staff of local schools lean Conservative, and they get little to no support from their colleagues. Areas to target: Business Ed, Phys Ed, Math, and the Physical Sciences. They are the least likely to support "every child passes with an A", disciplinary changes, or one pay scale for all teacher positions. If you have options other than teaching, which some teaching specialities do, it's hard to swallow the idea that seniority, coupled with time in a graduate school classroom, should be the sole determinants of what you're paid. They are a group that is ripe for being split off from the Progressive Plantation.
  3. A good area for a Charter School to target is middle school. The school would have to have some money behind it (do you hear me, foundations?), so they could weather the financial hit of booting out kids that are discipline problems that will not respond, bullies (particularly those girls that make life HELL for their victims, without laying a hand on them), and other toxic students. The teacher certification is less of a problem than the high schools, and a lot of parents would respond to a school choice that is heavy on Math preparation and remediation, English skills - reading, writing, research, and Science that has the kids prepped for science fair competition. Those 3 areas are absolutely critical. It could even be a hybrid school - part in-school, part home-taught, or online. Cater to home-schoolers who need to free up some time to work or participate in other activities, but still want to control their kids' education, and you could have a winner.
Saturday - I found this action by the British government to be repulsive. It changes removal of organs after death from a Donation, to an Appropriation. How long before the exceptions are removed?

It does say that your relatives can overrule your decision. That means that hospital staff can use guilt or pressure to get relatives to give permission to raid the body for parts.

How long until the hospitals beginning offering a reduction of the hospital bill in return for signing aways parts.

The College Scam arrests are just the beginning. Here's a link to more cheating.

As Columbo used to say, "I have a theory about this." The arrests in the college admissions scam were of rich, White people. That was deliberate. The next arrests are going to be of non-Caucasians, particularly in the Far East, the Mideast, and India. Too many people have been cheating/playing the system for too long, and it's long past Time for a Reckoning.

This is just the beginning.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

If You Wrote a Book With a Plot Twist Like This... would be considered contrived and implausible.

The hits just keep coming!

Older Women Disappear?

Here is a story about the feeling many women have as they age - that they have become invisible. People no longer notice them; they say things, only to find that they are ignored.

That's not MY experience - every year, I find I am more engaged in life. I have more friends; my family and I are closer than we have been in years. I have no end of interesting things to do, and people to interact with.

So, no, I truly cannot say that I can relate to this experience.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

And here is yet another interesting thing

I saw this on Messenger, shared it, then went in to find the original source. I used the search term Law Of The Land, and came up with a bunch of this exact thing. I chose this particular one a it was the cleanest clearest version:

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Personal Update

I've been back and forth between Rock Hill, SC and Cleveland, OH. Reasons include:

  • Brother needed some assistance with home, driving privileges, and disability forms. I got that in motion, the form was submitted, he's back to driving, and the home is in progress. Basically, I just needed to touch base, verify that he was OK, and give a little help. It was great to spend some time with him - the physical distance has made it tough to keep as close as we once were.
  • Stayed around Cleveland, so I could share the driving with my husband, who was in town for a medical checkup. We had to drive back in one day, but it was nice to have extended time with each other.
  • Turned right around once home - I arrive late Monday evening, had to fly back on Wednesday for a funeral. If I buy another dress outfit, it will probably be black or navy. We went through a time previously when we were attending funerals for our friends and family's parents. Now, it's for them.
While I was away from home, I managed to finish Gramsci Part 2. I also got a jump on the research for the next part - Herbert Marcuse. He's the 'thinker' behind the Intolerant Left, among other things. It will be interesting to tie the attacks on the 1st Amendment to his disciples - one of them was Dr. Angela Davis, Communist that aided the Black Panthers' violent attacks on society.

Who also never served a day in jail for it - in fact, she was rewarded with academic acclaim for her part in the murder of the judge presiding over her lover's trial.

The Left has a lot to answer for.

Ash Wednesday today - no bacon!