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Using .22 for Self Defense & Training! // Viewer Suggestion

MAY BE not optimum, but hey, ANYthing is better than nothing as far as discouraging attackers.

4 Guns I Would Never Carry and Why?!

I like this guys apparent attitude! I, personally, am armed whenever I can be. Sometimes when I shouldn't. I have a new toy I dearly love. I went into my son's gun shop andd he poited to something he had just received. He said look at this and it's in your caliber, I said put it in the back, it's mine! Walther P99c AS in .40S&W!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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 Dr. David Nixon – Nanotech DISAPPEARING – What Else Are They Hiding in the “Vaccines”? - Zeee Media

This SHOULD scare the absolute shit out of you!!

Okay, here's a thought about yor very life!!!!

 This may sound a bit cold, But Hhis Is Cold REALITY! Ff/When you find yourself In The Shit, you can have no emotioin. Your opponent is not another human, n is a range more, no less.. high score wins the match. you win, or you lose. You win, you live. You lose, YOU die. That simple.

 And you may hav seen, it;s getting thee.

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Gun Rights candidates are STILL SURGING for the Senate! Could they take ...

Get out and VOTE!!!!!! Do NOT br complacent thinking "We got this", laziness will cost, Get off your ass and VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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1911 That Takes Glock Mags! AF1911 S15

I think I should get me one of these!!!!!!!!!! Mind you, s 1911 in 9mm IS heresy However 9 has advanced SO FAR in its performance....I must confess I have several 9s that I EDC.

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Mass-Shooter Gets Dunked On by 22 Year Old With a Glock

Superb marksmanship! Well done, Eli!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember a gun free zone is a target rich environment to these evil persons.

Thursday, July 14, 2022

FINALLY: Ammo prices poised to go down! Supply is ready to catch up to n...

Love numbers like these. Why do you think various gubmints want so badly to control their serfs owning things that would allow Them to take back said freedoms? Fear the government that fears your guns.

Breaking: Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act Submitted In Senate!

Excellent news!!!!!!!!! I like this a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!There is about to be another here in a minute!!!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Proof of citizenship Is A DAMN FINE idea!!!

 I have to show ID for everything, including alcohol etc. ad infinitum, And there's no question from me. I go to show my Picture ID and voter registration documents when I go to vote, and am told no need.I insist, and am met with smiles, but no need. Bullshit!!! 

 You come to vote, PROVE you're valid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Thoughts and Prayers...

It's not the tool, it's the user. Train and arm the staff to protect the students. How long did it take the cops to get there? How many could have been saved if the teachers could have responded appropriately?

#1 Backyard Weed That Can Replace ALL Your Medications

Extremely good Knew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hornady 6mm ARC Joins Race to the Bottom

This Struck me as a MUST SHARE. I have a couple of 6.5x55 Swedes that are incredibly accurate and known for having the goomph for far larger game than you might expect. I'm a great believer in "more for less".  Thiis 6mm ARC seems to be the absolute thing!!!!!!!!!!  

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Mastering Getting Into Space

Fascinating!!!! I'm almost coming to an idea for incorporation, but my brain isn't running on all 12 at the moment. Anyone click to a concept?

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

UNBELIEVABLE Satellite Video Just Revealed This..

Are WE THEM???? Was Earth colonized by Martians escaping whatever wiped the atmosphere there? To try to prevent the war(?)that destroyed them from happening here? Was the story of Noah's ark referencing a giant  spaceship?

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

So here's a thing...

 I have a P365XL, A Springfield Hellcat, and a Wallther CCP .  The Walther is a single stack. Both of the others are smaller, and more concealable, and doublestack. 

But the singlestack Walther just points better.

One accurate round is better than multiple misses, don't you think?

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If you have netflix

 Watch two things. 3%, and The OA. Trust me, you should love them. You may or may not agree, this is some serious heavy duty stuff!