Monday, December 28, 2015

A Trip to the Past

In view of the uproar about Carolyn Walker-Diallo's swearing in - she used a Quran - I started thinking about the January 2013 swearing-in of Obama.  Remember it?  He botched the words, so took the oath again, in a private ceremony.

I wondered at that time about the book that was contained between the covers - never did get an explanation.

Does anyone reading this know what that book was?

Saturday, December 19, 2015

What is Dumber Than a NYT Columnist?

The answer is:


A perfect example of that is the mindless regurgitating of an academic study that explores why some people, in extreme situations, freeze in place.  The brain activity that causes it, the possible alternative ways to keep that from affecting peoples’ survival in crisis situations, and all of that other academic hedging is explained.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Double Facepalm

I'm having a MASSIVELY difficult time trying to understand why the teacher, the principal, and the district didn't think this was a bad idea.

Students were given the assignment to write the Shahada in Arabic script, in their World Geography class.  I found this on Ace of Spades.

Loved one response:

 [Side note: for the life of me, I can't figure out why Ace isn't picked up as unacceptable on the work blocking software.  But, I'm glad it isn't.]  PJ Media reports the district response:
Augusta County School Board and Dr. Bond appreciate parents bringing concerns directly to our attention, and a constructive and respectful dialogue between school and community is always welcome. As we have emphasized, no lesson was designed to promote a religious viewpoint or change any student’s religious belief. Although students will continue to learn about world religions as required by the state Board of Education and the Commonwealth’s Standards of Learning, a different, non-religious sample of Arabic calligraphy will be used in the future.
Is there anyone so naive as to believe that self-serving statement (other than a Liberal)?

OF COURSE the curriculum is designed to separate the Believers from their heritage!  At least, the Christian Believers.  That's the whole point of a Modern Progressive Education (trademark pending).  It's a Virtual Democratic Manufacturing Machine!  (trademark refused).

What is 4G War?

It's the shorthand way of referring to 4th Generation War, and it may be the cutting edge of warfare in this country in the near future.

Declarations of war are SO 20th century.  They only work when the aggressors are directed by a nation-state.

Today's warriors are composed of loosely-allied, familial/religiously affiliated/politically aligned individuals.  Only the leadership has a long-standing relationship with each other - in other words, it's a war led by those who consider themselves political/cultural/social/religious elites.

Like The Weathermen in our country.  Or ISIS.  Or The Red Guard.  Or the IRA.

At the top - a ruthless core that is willing to sacrifice the "lesser" people who admire them and their cause.  At the bottom - the fungible masses who die/are dismembered/spend long years in jail at the whim of the leadership.

This may be the most hard-to-destroy enemy we've ever faced. They have managed to use the unemployed, poorly educated masses without wives/children essentially as Orcs.

What are Orcs?  From the Wikipedia description:
Orcs are aggressive scavengers and opportunistic carnivores (with a taste for both in-species cannibalism and human flesh). While possessing a low cunning and crude culture of their own, they are generally portrayed as a subject race used as soldiers (or battle fodder) by beings of greater power and intelligence. Violent by nature, they will fight ferociously if compelled or directed by a guiding will, but tend towards more chaotic behavior (including cowardice) if left to their own devices.
Emphasis mine.

Are we in danger in America with our native population?

Of course!  There are too many poorly-educated people who have no special qualifications in terms of employability, who rely on what the elites tell them to think, who have (as a result of our society deliberately keeping people from knowing basic religious tenets) no moral structure other than what the elites TELL them is moral - which, for some, is anything they FEEL like doing.

It does not make me happy to conclude that we are in DEEP $h!t for the foreseeable future.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Status Update

I’d like to be more active in blogging, but, right now:
  • We’re in the middle of renovating our house in Cleveland.  It’s been a LONG, slow process – with one major epiphany – Contractors LIE!  We were originally hoping to sell it, but our son needed a larger place in a safe neighborhood (his family will soon be expanding), so….
  • My husband needed to work on his Master’s program, as well as a research program he is involved with, so-o-o-o, it was up to me to do more around the house and with the bills.  And,

Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Gathering Storm

In the aftermath of the recent shooting – both in America, and in the rest of the world (the media focused on Paris, but just about totally ignored the kidnapping of a Malaysian engineer, who has been reportedly beheaded) – the American people are nervous.
For a very good reason.
Unlike truly random attacks, the Islamic terrorists aim at maximizing Christian deaths.  It is for this reason


Thursday, November 26, 2015

What is an American?

I’ve written on this before.  It’s a subject that fascinates me, as I grew up in a working class neighborhood that, during my childhood, was apparently the destination of choice for many immigrants.
Some of the nationalities I’ve known in my younger days:
  • English – my best pal’s father was a retired military man from England
  • Irish – both Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland
  • Yugoslavian
  • [MORE]

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Watching the Leftists Turn Upon Their Elders

I'm kinda torn - on one hand, it IS fun to see the Progressives slapped down by the kids (call them the New Young Turks).  On the other hand, those that will follow the current regime in the universities will make those that preceded them look like angels.

Read my take on the SJW uprising.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

End the Subsidization of Our Own Downfall

The next President must dedicate at least a little energy to halting the free reign of 501(c)4 organizations.
They are organizations that are not supposed to be overtly partisan or political.  However

Monday, November 16, 2015

I'm just going to recommend you look at my other site right now

Most specifically these: and

To blow ones own horn is wrong, but to share brilliance one has discovered in others is only decency.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Some Catholic Things

I was watching a video from Word on Fire (Fr. Barron), and thought it was a useful explanation of the role of the Pope in the Catholic Church.  If you are not a Catholic (and, maybe, if you are/were), the authority of the Pope is not well understood.
Some non-Catholics think that we blindly follow every statement from the Pope (do those people KNOW any Catholics!), 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

One Approach To An Armistice In Our Social Wars

     Say, it’s Guy Fawkes Day, isn’t it? What better occasion on which to blow something up?

     I am of the opinion that just about any insult, slander, or epithet can be detoxified by a simple technique: embracing it. Thus, it troubles me not at all to be called a racist, sexist, lookist, ableist, homophobic, Islamophobic, et cetera ad nauseam infinitam. I smile and say, “So what? Does that hurt your bank balance any?”

     Of course, you must have a certain confidence in yourself to do this. You must believe yourself to be a worthy individual who can’t be harmed by verbal assaults on your dignity. You must also be willing to stand against such a tide no matter how loud or raucous it becomes. And of course, you must discriminate carefully between accusations about your opinions and imputations about your actions. The former may be withstood with sangfroid; the latter must be counterattacked immediately and with all your forces.

     Needless to say – though, in time-honored Fran Porretto fashion, I’ll say it anyway – this is not the conduct that prevails in our time. Decent men quail from every sort of accusation, largely because they fear that others will believe it. Should some of those others be employers, customers, or otherwise important to one’s well-being, and should they be similarly lily-livered, unpleasant consequences could ensue. Thus, the willingness to accuse others of all sorts of naughty attitudes has become the coin of the realm. This has been particularly important – and especially irritating to me – in the matter of relations between the sexes and the associated social pathologies of our era.

     Gavin McInnes has addressed an aspect of this in an interesting video:

     I’ll refrain from commenting on whether babysitters earn enough to rule our economy. What’s absolutely beyond dispute is the arrant cowardice of innumerable persons, some of them on the boards of directors of major corporations, before the “prepubescent girls” and their idiotic opinions. (Yes, some of those “prepubescent girls” are in their forties and fifties. Says something about the prevalence of arrested development in the human female, doesn’t it?)

     Today, via Instapundit, we have a counterexample to one of the darkest of the threads wrapped around our societies’ throats:

     Pablo Picasso's former lover has sparked outrage following her claims that fewer women would be raped in France if they just smiled at men.

     Francoise Gilot claims people should just embrace the 'eroticism of the streets' rather than taking offence or being worried....

     'If a man whistles at you and you smile, that oils the social wheels and eases the tension between the classes and sexes…It's a kind of give-and-take that acknowledges that the other person exists, so in that sense it's not treating another person as an object.

     'To take offence all the time makes every relationship disagreeable,' says Ms Gilot.

     'Each time a man says something to me, if I take it as an insult, then I'll be insulted several times a day by strangers I'll never see again…Whereas if I smile vaguely and go my way, it doesn't cost me very much,' she claims.

     Admirable! Refreshing! Benevolent and civilized! And bound to draw the ire of the “angry ugly girls” (God bless you, Duyen) to whom it constitutes the rankest heresy, a clear declaration of Miss Gilot’s “gender treason.”

     In point of fact, the “angry ugly girls” are mostly angry because men won’t whistle at them as they pass by. Damned few of the gender warriors are pleasing to the eye. At 93 years of age, Miss Gilot is infinitely more appealing than any of them, largely because of her carriage and her self-command.

     These past few years, a lot of pixels have been expended on concepts of “alpha males” and “beta males,” the latter term put into currency merely to denote those who don’t qualify for the former one. The “alpha” designation originated in the study of the behavior of pack animals. In a typical pack, there is usually a subgroup of “alphas” who do the pack’s hunting and fighting, protect its females, and generally assume its risks upon their own hides. The term was imported into contemporary horror and quasi-horror fantasy to denote the ruler of a pack of werewolves. “Alpha” status includes privileges as well as responsibilities; among other things, the pack’s females prefer them as mates.

     Though it’s somewhat variable in connotation, the “alpha” designation when applied to men seems to correlate with what I’ve promoted as the manly virtues:

     A man must learn "where the line is": the line that separates behavior that must be tolerated from behavior that must not be. He must be willing -- personally willing -- to fight in defense of the former and against the latter, though it might expose him to risk and cost him injury or death. He must be ready to swallow his distaste and protect the rights even of persons he finds repulsive, if they have harmed no other human being.

A man must learn proportionality and restraint. Biology has optimized the male body for purposive aggression, sudden acceleration and focused violence. These are not things to be deployed in their 200-proof strength against trivial or unworthy targets. A man doesn't kill the bounder who steals his parking space, his business idea, or his wife. Even a punch in the nose is excessive for infractions like these.

A man must learn never to shirk a freely contracted obligation. If you've said you'll do it, you do it. No excuses. Conversely, if you have failed to meet an obligation, you must admit to it and try to do better next time.

A man must learn not to whine about disappointments, reversals, or the ways of women. Especially about the ways of women. They're not men -- thank God -- and we can't fairly hold them to manly standards.

A man must learn reverence in the presence of the numinous. The fact that each of us is a part of an infinitely greater whole manifests itself in innumerable ways. Learning to let it in, to cherish it, and to use it to buttress oneself in times of darkness is critical to attaining the endurance the world expects from a man.

Last and most important, a man must transmit the manly virtues to his male children.

     Just as the manly virtues define the essence of respectable manhood, there are feminine virtues that define the essence of respectable womanhood:

  • Nurturance of a man;
  • Management of a household;
  • The skills demanded of a mother.

     A woman who lacks those virtues isn’t merely a marginal creature, unlikely to contribute constructively to her society; she’s a disruptive and destructive force. A fair number of such women infest our society today. Worse, they’ve wangled special legal privileges that no one deserves nor should be allowed. In consequence, young men are being taught to fear: especially, to fear women. Young women are being taught to resent: especially, to resent men.

     Teaching the manly virtues to his sons was once a father’s principal parental duty. Teaching the feminine virtues to her daughters was once a mother’s principal parental duty. I maintain that though the practice has deteriorated, the moral and social obligations of fathers and mothers have not.

     If the manly virtues are the qualifications for “alpha” status – and I can’t think of any better ones – then every man can aspire to that status. Indeed, for several decades all American men were regarded as alphas by the rest of the civilized world. The status was well deserved then, less so today.

     Am I proposing a return to “masculine roles” and “feminine roles” as practiced among our forebears? Why, yes: I am. They worked. They produced the country our social strife has come near to ruining. And despite the propaganda of the angry ugly girls, both men and women were far happier when they predominated.

     So here’s my prescription for an attenuation of our social wars:

  • To men: Be masculine men:
    • Learn the manly virtues.
    • Then live them – and ignore their detractors.
    • If you can’t or won’t, then have the decency to stay out of the way of the rest of us.
  • To women: Be feminine women:
    • Learn the feminine virtues.
    • Then live them – and appreciate masculine men as such.
    • Learn to be candid about what you want, and stoic if you fail to get it.
    • If you can’t or won’t, then shut the fuck up. You’ve already caused enough harm.

     That’s all. Where do you stand, Gentle Reader?

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Self-Education on Election Issues/Candidates

I'm starting a series that focuses on what each candidate is FOR - something the media seems loath to let be known.

I plan to post about 1-2 times a week on this topic, as my schedule allows.  ALL candidates will be included, even the marginal, of ALL parties.

You see, I really do believe in the value of a Free Press.

Here's the first.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Benghazi Bull$hit

I tried out a new tool - Genius - it allowed you to annotate selected text.  When you move your mouse down the text, highlights alerts you to the annotated text.

Here's the intro to Hillary's testimony.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

The social wrecking ball -- destroyer of liberty.

The crime issue is a good example of how public policy is always about trade-offs, Swing the wrecking ball through a social institution and something replaces it. It’s also an example showing how American Liberalism will inevitably end in authoritarianism. As traditional institutions are destroyed, the state flows into the void. The existing organic institutions grow weaker relative to the state, making them easier to knock over.[1]
The left loves to undermine, change, deride, neutralize, distort, and destroy in aid of trashing tradition, custom, law, and racial identity.

However, leftists are deluded when they think they (1) can identify what is good for other people, (2) know how to achieve their goals,[2] and (3) know exactly what the costs of their destructive (but beneficial!) policies will be.

But, especially, the costs of pursuing goals that leftists swoon over is not only unknown to them but never even considered by them. Only good can flow from "good" intentions and "right" thinking. Fallible people handed government power will exercise it dispassionately and justly because, well, because they are not rightists. The possibility of psychopaths and neurotics wielding power? Remote. End of discussion.

But authoritarian power is enabled by every stroke of the wrecking ball as the Z Man notes. The Constitution was trashed when its requirement that the president be a natural born citizen was ignored. Now we have a freakish man who ignores the Constitution in turn by conducting wars without the consent of Congress and who willfully declines to exercise his responsibilities to defend our borders against invaders.

The possibility of total power falling into the hands of lunatics or monsters is not considered. I have never, ever in my entire life heard a leftist in my presence express even so much as an awareness of the ghastly crimes of the left in the last century. And, yes that includes the crimes of the National Socialists who chose the word "socialists" for a reason. Can anyone guess why?

Toying with powerful government is every bit as dangerous as beginning an affair with your boss's wife. As that excellent question of the age of the internet goes, "What, in either instance, could go wrong?" The leftists' answer is, it will not surprise you, is "Nothing whatsoever. Not a damn thing."

[1] "Crime & Society." By The Z Man, 10/14/15.
[2] For leftists, achieving any goal must necessarily involve government action and only government.

Monday, October 12, 2015

AMAZING Story About Tom Wolfe!

I'm running late for work (well, what I - who is Teutonically ON TIME - meaning early for everything), but just can't stop reading this article about Tom Wolfe.

Who hasn't enjoyed his deft deflating the High & Mighty?

The article is almost as fascinating as Wolfe's writing.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Why Do We Argue Politics?

After all, so few people will change an entire way of life, based on the arguments.
What do I mean?  For many, self-identification is a gateway to relationships, self-esteem, cultural and religious affiliations.  Their friends all agree with them politically – “arguments”, for these people, amount to a spirited discussion of tactics and interpretation, not any kind of attempt to put forth the reasoning behind their stands.  OF COURSE, all rational people agree on general principles:
  • Abortion is ABSOLUTELY necessary, 
  • [MORE]

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Free-floating, unsupported, baseless flapdoodle.

Yet again we are led to an understanding that immigration enhances the vitality of a nation while we avoid any facts to support this conclusion.
Commenter Yak-15 on language quoted in an article[1] at The Unz Review.

[1] Comment by Lot on "The Scorpion and the Frog." By Steve Sailer, The Unz Review, 10/8/15.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Dems in a nutshell.

The Democrat party can be broken down into five special interest groups:

Militant Blacks/minorities
Militant homosexuals
Militant femininsts
Militant environmental wackos

Despite past union successes none of the above represent normal, ordinary Americans. Instead, all of the above are represent radical socialism. The Democrat party, led by Obama is now a statist party.

If even half the remaining Democrat white blue collar workers abandon their party the Democrats will cease to exist as a viable political party.

Comment by Flappy on "Divided, They’ll Fall. The Democrats could be coming apart." By Fred Siegel, City Journal, October 6, 2015.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

White Rights

     These days you can visit a considerable number of places on the Web to hear racial rants, taunting, denunciations, and calls for this or that sort of “action.” The “Black Lives Matter” whores are only the currently most visible examples. Nearly all such sites are contemptible. But not all: some are worse. Clearly, this is an imbalance that demands to be redressed.

     Our esteemed Colonel Bunny has posted a statistics-laden piece that utterly refutes one of the most important lies currently bedeviling American society: the canard that American Caucasians of European descent, who will henceforth be referred to as whites, despise and are attempting to destroy the members of other races and ethnicities. The truly stunning thing about this deceit is that not only is it untrue, it’s the exact reverse of the truth:

  • Crimes against whites by others utterly overwhelm crimes by whites against others.
  • Whites have extended a hand of friendship and assistance to others, and have usually had it spat on, bitten, or swatted aside.
  • Peaceful white neighborhoods have ceased to be peaceful when non-whites have moved into them – and not because the whites have tried to drive them out.
  • Non-white racial and ethnic groups, though not united on other points, are utterly unanimous on this one: the “white devil” must be dispossessed and destroyed.
  • Despite all the above, any hint of protest, much less counter-organization by whites is denounced as illegitimate, inherently racist, and an expression of hatred.

     This isn’t exactly new. More than thirty years ago, a young woman of no small intelligence nor achievement told me that should my neighborhood experience racial admixture of the sort well known to promote disorder and loss of property values, it would be my moral duty to remain here and endure it, because...well, just because. She could not articulate any objective reason; it was entirely a matter of her opinion.

     At one of his recent campaign appearances, Democratic presidential aspirant Martin O’Malley was shouted down for suggesting, in response to the chants of “Black Lives Matter” agitators, that all lives matter. Bernie Sanders has had to cope with something similar. Persons who dare to suggest that contemporary whites have no responsibility for the statistical differences between whites’ aggregate wealth and achievement and the wealth and achievement of other races and ethnicities are routinely branded as racists, haters, and persons who want to bring back slavery.

     This mick-wop honky has had quite enough.

     We on the Right have often complained that we lack conservative politicians with actual spines. In reflecting on that notion, it struck me that our politicians, while not a perfectly representative sample of our ranks, nevertheless are drawn from it. Thus, an increase in our overall Backbone Quotient – BQ? – would surely elevate that of our elected officials. (At the very least, we should be trying our best to raise the “lower end” of the bell curve.)

     Racial/ethnic matters are a significant venue for such improvements. Today, virtually no one in public office or seek to enter it is willing to say, publicly, any of the following:

  • Violent crimes and crimes against property are overwhelmingly committed by non-whites.
  • Neighborhoods characterized by disorder, squalor, and violence are almost always non-white.
  • The quality of local schools is inversely proportional to their attendance by non-whites.
  • Non-white communities routinely shelter the lawbreakers among them against public justice.
  • Demands for “free stuff” emanate almost exclusively from non-whites and their mouthpieces.
  • Non-whites who point out such facts are demonized: “Oreos,” “Uncle Toms,” “race traitors,” etc.

     Despite all that we have the phenomenon of black racialist groups demanding that a few states be separated off into a new all-black nation...which, however, would be supported by funds from the rest of the country. We have groups such as Aztlan and La Raza demanding open immigration from the south, and that the American Southwest be returned to union with Mexico. Newest on the scene are the exclaves dominated by Middle Eastern Muslim “immigrants” and “refugees” where the writ of law does not run and it is unsafe for whites to tread.

     But don’t you dare to say that white lives matter...that the Knockout Game, a.k.a. “polar bear hunting,” is a real phenomenon...that illegal aliens from south of the border commit huge numbers of violent crimes, whether against one another or against whites...or that the degradation of our public facilities correlates strongly with the invasion of nearby neighborhoods by non-whites.

     It’s been said more times than anyone could count that it’s impossible to address a problem you aren’t willing to name. Someone must name it. It appears that the mantle has descended on me:

     The problem is non-whites.

     It’s time for a countermeasure. Indeed, it’s possible that we’re already too late. Nevertheless, I propose a blatant, in-your-face approach that makes plain that American whites will stand for no more:

Restore The Rights Of American Whites!

     Those rights include all the following:

  • Freedom of association, including the freedom to discriminate in buying and selling.
  • Freedom of enterprise, including the right to hire, fire, promote, and demote upon arbitrary criteria.
  • Repeal of all laws that distinguish any racial, ethnic, or religious group from any other, regardless of context.
  • The elimination of “stakeholder” laws and judicial presumptions that award privileges to recognized groups.
  • The right to form proprietary communities protected by enforceable covenants, including covenants that restrict residency according to race or ethnicity.

     Note that none of the above propositions would create legal privileges that only whites would enjoy. Indeed, the condition of the country at this time is such that only whites are, de facto, denied any of the above rights. Blacks and Hispanics can form race or ethnicity-based groups and associations without fear of legal penalty. Black employers can hire blacks exclusively without worrying about what the EEOC will say, and of course the same is true for Hispanics and Muslims. Though the laws would appear to weigh as heavily on non-whites’ discrimination against whites as the reverse, they’re not enforced when the target would be a non-white business or organization.

     It’s time not merely to halt the locomotive of racial-ethnic degradation, but to reverse it. If non-whites want the fruits of the American blessing that whites experience, let them earn those fruits on the same plane as we did. Those who’d prefer not to make the effort can choose among the other continents of the world...assuming those lands would have them.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Fun experiment.

As Pew Research cheerfully reports, previous immigrants were “almost entirely” European. But since Kennedy’s immigration act, a majority of immigrants have been from Latin America. One-quarter are from Asia. Only 12 percent of post-1965-act immigrants have been from Europe—and they’re probably Muslims.

Apparently, the “American experiment” is actually some kind of sociological trial in which we see if people who have no history of Western government can run a constitutional republic.

* * * *

No country has ever simply turned itself into another country like this.

The Democrats got the voters—and the country got 9/11, Fort Hood, the Boston Marathon bombing, clitorectomies, an explosion of gang rapes, child rapes, sex tourism, slavery, voodoo, Russell Brand, billions of taxpayer dollars stolen in Medicare and Medicaid scams, an epidemic of heroin deaths, soccer, bankrupt school districts and hospitals, overcrowded prisons, and endless tax hikes to pay for all the immigrant services, as small town after small town goes all-Mexican, or all-Somali or all-Hmong.
"Ted Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Act: The War On America Turns 50." By Ann Coulter,, 9/30/15 (links omitted).

Thursday, October 1, 2015

I'm Beginning to Lean Towards Several Candidates...

I’ve been only sporadically keeping up with the Republican “pit bull fights” – er, “debates”.  Not disinterested, just REALLY busy with other things in my life.
So, I really do depend on analysis of their performance from trusted sources on the Internet.  What do I consider a trusted source?
  • Someone who cites reputable sources, with links, for their argumentative points
  • [MORE]

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What is the right grade of gasoline for your car?

Something I always wondered about:
Contrary to what many people think (and what the oil companies would like us to believe), higher grades of gasoline do not contain more energy.

Gasoline is rated by octane; generally, regular is 87 octane, mid-grade is 89 octane, and premium is 91 or 93 octane. Octane ratings indicate the gasoline's resistance to pre-ignition.[1]

Bottom line: use what your car manual says.

[1] "What kind of gasoline should you put in your car? Regular, mid-grade or premium -- here's how to choose the right fuel." By Aaron Gold, About Autos, 9/29/15.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Rather than try to copy/paste

Let me just give you the link to a short post I did at my other site. Now, this actually ties into the earlier one talking about the demoncrap continuance of control via representative numbers.

Take a peek, see what you think.

The Antebellum Campus

Ruminating about the similarities between the Old South and today's campuses:


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

In Your Face, Killian

     Forgive me, Gentle Reader, but I can’t let this pass:

     How inconvenient that First Amendment is for the tyrannists in government and their friends in the savage world of Islam! While you were sleeping, a federal prosecutor named Bill Killian aka Muhammad al Tyranni Killian announced criticism of the religion of murder would violate civil rights laws. We are so civilized in America these days that we will imprison our citizens who dare criticize the religion whose goal is total destruction of our country and the deaths of our citizens!

     Federal prosecutor Muhammad al Tyranni Killian said:

     “This is an educational effort with civil rights laws as they play into freedom of religion and exercising freedom of religion. This is also to inform the public what federal laws are in effect and what the consequences are.”

     Yo, Killian:

Islam Sucks.
Islam Is A Totalitarian Cult.
Islam Is The Fantasy Of A Bloodthirsty Pedophile.
Islam Condones Rape And Slavery.
Islam Seeks The Death Of Unbelievers.
Muslims Are Wife-Beaters And Camel-Fuckers.
And Bill Killian Is A Shit-For-Brains Tyrant.

     Now try to do something about it, Killian. But come well armed and armored, because I’m a very good shot.

Monday, September 21, 2015

One Man, One Vote - KINDA

The influx of "undocumented" invaders into more heavily Democratic areas of the country is clearly intended to keep the power in the hands of the party that wants our borders to be nonexistent.  This court case addresses this ploy, by asking the Constitutional question:

Should our representation be governed by eligible voters, or by rounding up/importing "persons" into would-be Democratic strongholds?

It's a good question, and one with Constitutional precedents.  The 3/5ths clause was designed to keep Southern slaveowning states from getting an unfair advantage by fully counting their inhabitants, including slaves, for representational purposes.  In other words, it was designed to dilute the slaveowners' political power.


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Misreporting, Again

UPDATE:  This site has the picture, and it does NOT look like a clock, but an IED.

This is being reported as an anti-Islamic over-reaction by the school and police authorities.

A young man named Mohammed "builds" a clock and takes it to school to show his engineering teacher.  When it beeps in another class, he is "accused" of having built a bomb, arrested, and taken from school.

All TOTALLY innocent, and a HORRIBLE over-reaction to an innocent little boy.


  1. The young man did NOT build a clock - he simply took the parts from another clock, and put them into a pencil case.  NOT an engineering feat, merely a re-purposing.
  2. Since this was NOT original, why did he feel the need to show the teacher his "work"?  Perhaps it was just a pretext to get it into school and trigger an incident?
  3. When confronted with questions, he does NOT explain the event, but refuses to speak.  He COULD have explained, and kept himself from trouble, but he doesn't.
  4. Naturally, CAIR and other defenders jump into the fray.  Big publicity splash, ending in the predictable comment, invite from the Prez.
Seems to me to be a deliberate attempt to work up an arrest.

Monday, September 14, 2015

I've Been SAYING That It Was the Culture, Not The Politics

We need some warriors - Culture Warriors.

There are some who have already been in the trenches for some time - one of them, Dawn Eden, spoke the unspeakable, and argued for Chastity!  If you haven't read it, her book is The Thrill of the Chaste, a book she wrote BEFORE becoming a Catholic (this is the Catholic Edition).

Sarah Hoyt has been blogging about this - it's worth reading.

BTW, on a personal note, we had a leak in our waterline last week.  I spent a LOT of time on the phone trying to find a plumber that could do the work - my husband finally told me to ask a neighbor - who had experience with a wonderful man, who put me on his schedule.  I didn't expect that he would be there before today - so I had to scramble on Friday to get class coverage.

Worth the time, though.  He got right in, and did a bang-up job, and for a reasonable price.  After he finished, we talked for a few minutes, and he said that he would LIKE to hire assistants (very little training needed), but that they were too tatted/pierced.  His clientele is mostly the senior citizens, and would be off-put by the apparent toughness of them.

A pity, because I'm sure that the majority of the scarily-tatted were OK guys, but - he had to be able to send these guys into people's homes, and the elderly would not like it.

Again, Culture.

These Would Be FUN Questions!

And guess what we did.

"More Hijacked Thoughts on a Hijacked Memorial." By Nicholas Stix, Nicholas Stix, Uncensored: Chronicling America's Unilateral Race War Since 1989, 9/11/15.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

And We Sit

14 years ago, yesterday.

 The world waited.

Would the United States send some sort of response immediately to points, yet unknown, in the middle east? A response for the acts of aggression taken against this country, it's people, it's culture (indeed the culture of Western Man written large across that particular metropolitan skyline).

 An act of aggression not seen in such scope or scale since nearly 60 years previous.
 That action, at least taken against a uniformed opponent, not aimed almost exclusively at an unarmed and unknowing civilian populace, started an armed conflict stretching across four years, it's ending punctuated with two atomic exclamation points.

 Could this...would this monstrous transgression propel us to the same course of action, up to and including the use of much stronger punctuation at it's end? (Or sooner...much sooner.)

 It did not.

 And so now we sit. Those of us who still chose to remember, seemingly becoming a smaller group, as the years go by. A smaller voice. Where once we were at least given the courtesy, of perhaps having a valid course of action, of remembering what our forefathers did, of what the generation previous to mine did.

That when faced with adversity, the kind which demanded you take no other course of action than of meeting your enemy on the field of battle. That honor demanded....dignity demanded...moral reciprocity towards the Creator who bestowed upon all men such fundamental human rights...demanded, we act accordingly when any or all are called into question.

 Now we are treated ilke an eccentric Uncle ... who after one too many beers ... is relegated to the card table on the back porch, to eat his dinner alone...away from the more "diversified" adults....and far away from impressionable children.

 Now we sit. While an individual who was, at the very least, exposed and indoctrinated, in the very ideology behind the events of 14 years ago, occupies the Oval Office. Who for all we know, based on biased news and government sponsored PR reports, has been aiding and abetting said enemy up to and including giving them the keys to nuclear exploitation.

Now we sit. While untold tens of thousands of the ideology of hate, behind the events of 14 years ago, are allowed to enter this country freely. And as our traditional rule of law crumbles and cracks, eroding away, they seek to impose their own brand of law over any and all who will allow for same.

If we sit much longer, the "war" all but formally started 14 years ago, will have been lost. With little more than regional battles fought in countries who have known little peace since their inception (at the end of WWI) amongst people, tribes, and cultures who have known little, if any, peace in thousands of years.

We have done little to stem the tide. At the very least, cause them to stay "self-contained" in their respective little hell holes of 7th-century sand and ignorance, ensuring they were unwelcome and unwanted in any part of the civilized world. We couldn't, or wouldn't even do that.

And so...14 years after airborne jihad... they have very nearly won, or are well on their way to doing so.

This will have been brought about by their doing the one thing we seem unwilling to do. Having the will to advance their cause, their beliefs, their will, over any and all who do not believe as they do. And it appears, to do any and everything, in order to achieve their goals.

And we sit.

And we wonder what's next.

And we look to the political landscape pondering who will be next to take the helm of this nation. To direct our affairs nationally and internationally.

And we look at the rest of the world ... Europe is perhaps less than a generation away from existing ... at least as we would have remembered her. Israel perhaps a year away from same. The economies of the world on the brink of collapse.

And perhaps the biggest agent, directly and indirectly behind all of these ills, is allowed to thrive and grow. The same agent which was behind all which transpired on the 11th of September 2001.

In 14 years, it has grown stronger, more virulent.

In 14 years, we have not.

14 years from now...

Will it matter?

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Wall Street, the casino.

John Maynard Keynes: “When the capital development of a country becomes a by-product of the activities of a casino, the job is likely to be ill-done.” [Michael] Hudson expands further:

“Instead of warning against turning the stock market into a predatory financial system that is de-industrializing the economy, [business schools] have jumped on the bandwagon of debt leveraging and stock buybacks. Financial wealth is the aim, not industrial wealth creation or overall prosperity."

[1] "How Wall Street Parasites Have Devoured Their Hosts, Your Retirement Plan and the U.S. Economy." By Pam Martens, counterpunch, 9/1/15. An interesting article marred only by a reference to "impoverished immigrants running from their own leeches" idiocy. With our own problems ably identified by Martens and Hudson, the problems of Mexican, Nigerians, Somalis, and Zulus are also problems that we must address at the same time by bringing them to live among us. Here's a thought. We we solve our own problems first, including problems already caused by 40,000,000 illegal immigrants already here who stole jobs from Americans, spread crime throughout our lands, and sent billions of dollars overseas.

Islam in action.

After all, history is very very clear and undisputed in this regard at least. Syria, Egypt, the rest of North Africa, Lebanon, and Turkey were all 100% Christian at one time. Now they are almost Christian-free. They have been made Christian-free by the Muslims who invaded and occupied them. The Christian-free status of these countries was achieved by imposing the dhimma, which reduces non-Muslims to less than animals. And those who made them Christian-free, instead of making them better countries, are now leaving those countries to move into 100% Christian countries of Europe because those 100% Christian countries are better.[1]
Debase, humiliate, drive out, diminish, deny, distort, degrade, subvert, destroy, kill. Move on. Repeat.

[1] "The invasion of Europe." By The Kafir, Gates of Vienna, 9/10/15.

Edited 9/10/15 to substitute a different picture. Original image was a fake.

Post About the Irony-Challenged

Ya' gotta read this - you won't believe it.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Check out this picture! - ALSO, UPDATE

UPDATE:  Ace of Spades has some common-sense suggestions - as well as an explanation of why Rubio would be VERY wrong for the GOP.

At Small Dead Animals.

Thinking About Immigration Again

This is one of the most common-sense ideas presented yet.

Frankly, the current situation in Europe - of the tide of migrants pushing against a reluctant established government - is giving me some hope.  At long last, Leftist/Progressive entities are getting a full taste of what our Southwestern states have been experiencing, and they don't like it.

Perhaps the invasion of not-dangerous-at-all, mostly young males from Islamic states will finally awaken the deliberately ignorant EU to the dangers of allowing just anyone into your country.  I would hate for the citizens of the EU to suffer, but, if that's the price to pay, it may be worth it.

Update on American PRAVDA

I finally got motivated to get the blog set up.  I used Blogger, as my own site ( is experiencing issues with bandwidth, and I haven't had the time to clear out old databases, due to life happening (we've currently got some leakage with our water system, in the underground pipe section - Oy Vey! - likely to be quite expensive!).

Here's the link to the first post.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

WHO Got Rid of Slavery?

We did - Western Christians in Africa.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Timeless wisdom.

Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day. Deport him, and you won't have to feed him or his anchor babies ever again.
~ Comment by Publicus on Zero Hedge .

This Being CHINA...'s doubtful that the information is:

  • correct
  • full, or
  • not concealing problems
When the first explosion hit, I thought - ARSON - particularly by the owners of the plant, who might then collect money on a failing enterprise.

When the second explosion happened, I did wonder - briefly - whether it was just a copycat, a genuine coincidence, or something else.  Then, other things too my attention away, and I forgot about it.

Now, this.  If I were a gambler, I'd be betting everything I had on Enemy Action.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Bin Lazy

...sort of.  That is, I've not been blogging much for several reasons:

  • School started 2 weeks ago (not counting the "teacher's week" mandatory time).  I'm finding it easier, as I've taught the same subject for 4 years now, but it is time-consuming.  Also, my principal put me in charge of the administration of a website that our students and faculty are to use for test prep.
  • My husband and I are working to clear out the detritus of our lives - financial, housework, old paperwork - and we spent most of Saturday just doing a bang-up job on ONE room.  I've been doing kitchen clean-up this morning.  I spend 1-2 hours a day on clearing up the avalanche of paper that is teetering on my desk.
  • Our washer is down - we're trying to decide whether it's worth getting a handyman in to fix the part, or just throw in the towel, and get a newer, more energy-efficient one.  Meanwhile, we're schlepping the dirty stuff to a laundromat.
  • I'm still working on the How to Teach Chemistry Without Blowing Up the Lab e-book.  I've reached, and passed, the halfway point, so want to make sure that it gets done sometime this semester.  If you might be interested in it (or know someone who might), send me your contact information, and I'll let you know when it's ready.  I'm planning on making it available on either Amazon or Teachers Pay Teachers.
  • I'm feeling the hurricane season - no, we haven't had one hit landfall yet, but the constant fluctuations in the air pressure is causing my joints to be stiff and achy.  In 2005, when all Hades broke loose, I would wake at night in agonizing pain - being the slow creature I am, it took me a few months to make the connection to the weather.  Still, it beats Lake Effect Snow.
I've been following the Sad Puppies saga.  Basically, the controlling powers in Fan Science Fiction (funnily enough, NOT the actual fans) had been nominating their deconstructin', gender-bendin', transgressive faves for many years, and ignoring the books that actual fans thought were worthy of a Hugo.  Over the years, it got harder and harder for non-gay, male, Conservative writers to even be considered for the prizes.

Enter the Sad Puppies, who put up slates that were NOT chosen for their demographics or politics, but because the writers/editors were considered worthy of the honor.

Boy, oh, boy!  Did the SJW (Social Justice Warriors) get their fangs out!  They just KNEW that the ONLY reason for the SP action was because the awful Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, anti-whatever EVIL men (the SJWs kind of ignored the women involved, because, ya' know, if a woman disagrees with the SJW, they aren't REALLY women) wanted to CRUSH all that was good in this world.

Read more at Monster Hunter Nation, Cedar Writes, et al.  Our own Francis Porretto has commented on it, too.  Lots of drama, fun, vicious invective - and nobody died.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

If This Goes On

     An early Robert A. Heinlein novella with the above title described an American theocracy that was eventually brought down in a violent revolution. I have no idea whether the young Heinlein was subject to influences that might have predisposed him to believe that such a future was probable. However, the Afterword to his collection Revolt in 2100, in which that novella appeared, suggests that he did think it plausible at least.

     No, that future didn’t arrive. Instead, the United States has turned in the opposite direction: secular and hedonistic. But Heinlein wasn’t the only writer to explore the idea of an American theocracy. Michael Flynn, whose work has often been compared with Heinlein’s, sketched such a future in his The Nanotech Chronicles. If he was guided by presentiments like Heinlein’s, he gave no indication of it.

     As usual, I’m sort of skirting my point here, so I’ll put it right out in the open:

Many trends are merely mental artifacts.

     One can “assemble” such a “trend” by choosing what to look at and what to ignore, which your detractors will call “cherry-picking” the news. However, the counterpoised effect is just as important:

Many who deny a trend simply refuse to see it.

     And inasmuch as some trends are pretty BLEEP!ing scary, the urge to take refuge in I-don’t-see-it denial can be very strong.

     The previous 250 words are prefatory. I see a trend in motion. It’s beginning to look to me like an avalanche. And I don’t like what it portends. But I’ll allow that I could be wrong; it’s the absolute requirement of intellectual honesty. In fact, I want to be wrong. So in reading what follows, please, Gentle Reader, do your best to:

  • Refrain from an emotional response;
  • Focus on the available data;
  • If you don’t see it, tell me so and why.

     We begin.

     The day had worn him down. His prior case, the fifty-seventh of the day, had just been dragged weeping from the office, but he could not rest. He was behind his quota. The ships were already behind their sailing schedules. He had to plow onward.

     He pressed the button on his phone console that signaled to the pen outside that he was ready for his next case. The indicator light beside it went from dark to bright green. Barely a minute had passed when the door across from his desk opened and two husky guards brought him number fifty-eight. This one was female. She looked aged beyond her natural count of years, though the stress of the upheavals could do that to anyone.

     The guards sat her none too gently in the restraint chair, secured her shackles to the chair’s hard points, and laid her paperwork on his desk before stepping back to line his office doorway. He reviewed the short description of her status and noted the contents of the check box. He’d seen it checked fifty-three times that day. This made fifty-four.

     She’ll have two options. No others.

     He steeled himself and faced her squarely. She seemed unable to meet his gaze.

     “Have you been informed about what happens here...” He glanced at her form again. Her given name was one of the trendy sort that he found too challenging to pronounce. “...Miss?”

     She shook her head, but remained mute.

     “I’m your routing officer. You and I have the responsibility for determining the next stage of your life. I’m constrained by the law, but you will have a choice, though your choices are rather limited. The person who limited them was you.”

     He picked up the form and waved it at her. “Do you know what this paper says about you?”

     She sniffed and shook her head.

     “Were you given a chance to read it?”

     “Can’t read,” she said.

     “Then I’ll read it to you. ‘Miss Jones is 34 years old and a single mother of two sons. Son Tyrell was killed at age 18 during a police raid of a crack den. Son James was serving a life sentence for a gang-related murder when the Sterilization Orders came down. He was 16 at the time of his execution. Miss Jones has never been self-supporting. She tests positive for cocaine, syphilis, and hepatitis B.’”

     He looked directly into her eyes. “Do you deny any of that?”

     She would not answer.

     “Miss Jones, if I go by what’s on this paper, your future will not be a happy one. And I have to go by it unless you can convince me that what it says is not true.”

     “Can’t,” she said at last. “It’s right. Never got married. Got by on the welfare. My boys was bad asses. Baddest in the hood.” Her eyes rose to meet his at long last. They flashed in challenge. “Ain’t gonna cry over it. Any of it.”

     She thinks she’s hard. Maybe she is. She should hope so.

     “Miss Jones, if all this is true, then under the Separation Edicts, there are only two places you can go when you leave this room.” He rose and pointed toward his eastward window. Her gaze followed his gesture and lit on the giant ship that stood waiting in the harbor.

     “That,” he said, “is an exile ship. It’s one of your choices. If you choose it, it will take you to another continent, a place where you’ll be set free to live out your life as best you can. There are no whites there, no courts or prisons, and no welfare, either. And very little that you’d recognize from your life here in America.”

     She looked out at the giant vessel, plainly uncomprehending. Before the upheaval it had been a cargo carrier. On every trip it had ferried two hundred thousand tons of cargo in steel containers, each one filled with some item the residents of other lands valued, across the breadth of the Atlantic Ocean. Its holds had been refitted as row upon row of barred cells. Its next journey would convey ten thousand exiles to their new homeland. They would next see sunlight, if they saw it at all, when they debarked on the west coast of Africa, in the land that had once been called Liberia.

     Most of those exiles had been personally guilty of nothing. They’d merely abetted a race war. Some had promoted hatred of whites. Others, by their promiscuity and negligent parenting, had produced generation upon generation of layabouts and violent predators. Still others had done nothing but subsist on the handouts of a too-generous society, indolently declining to add to its riches.

     Many of them had declined to board the ship. Far too many of them.

     “Are you willing to board that ship, Miss Jones?”

     She glowered at him sullenly. “Ain’t gettin’ on no ship.”

     “I see. Well, you do have another choice, but I can’t recommend it.” He nodded toward the door to the right of his desk. “It goes through that door.” He started to describe what took place on the other side of the door, stopped himself. It might be better if she didn’t know.

     “Would you like me to tell you about that second choice, Miss Jones?”

     She sneered and looked away. “Ain’t gettin’ on no ship.”

     “I need an answer, Miss Jones. Will you board, yes or no?”

     She shook her head.

     I suppose that’s good enough.

     He nodded to the guards. They released her shackles from the restraint chair and stepped back.

     “Then whenever you’re ready, just step through that door and close it behind you. You’ll be given instructions about what to do next.”

     She gave him one more contemptuous sneer and shuffled to the side door. The three men watched in silence as she stepped through it and closed it behind her. The yellow phase indicator lit on his phone console. A moment later it changed to red. It glowed red for perhaps a minute before going out.

     “Sir?” one of the guards said. “Why didn’t you tell her?”

     He grimaced. “I thought it might be kinder this way.”

     The guard frowned. “Maybe.” He glanced out at the exile ship. “It sure as hell ain’t gonna be kind for them.” They stepped out the door through which they had entered.

     He lowered his face into his hands.

     I volunteered. I understood the necessity. I still do. But it’s harder than anything I’ve ever done.

     Colonel John MacKenzie had led troops into battle. His battalion had been the first into Monrovia, and had led its pacification. He’d killed men who’d been trying their best to kill him. He’d weathered it all and had come home to a wife who’d loved him unreservedly despite it all. She’d refused to let him doubt himself.

     But they were armed, at least. They went to war knowing the risks. Miss Jones wasn’t armed with anything worse than her attitude.

     He felt his tears rising again and sternly shoved them down.

     Those are for the men I led who died in honorable combat. Not for the Miss Joneses of the world. They brought this upon themselves even if they were too dull to know it.

     He pressed the button that would bring him number fifty-nine.

     Think it won’t happen, Gentle Reader? Think it can’t happen?

     I must disagree. It’s drawing nearer all the time. The indicators have never shone more garishly:

  • Trayvon Martin.
  • “Bryce Williams.”
  • Ferguson, Missouri.
  • Baltimore, Maryland.
  • The “knockout game.”
  • The New Black Panthers;
  • Black illegitimacy at 69%;
  • ”Flash mobs” of black teens;
  • Black racialists openly inciting violence against whites.
  • The many outbreaks of black-on-white violence chronicled by Colin Flaherty.
  • And the rising tide of sentiment among normally peaceable whites that we have had enough.

     If it happens, it will be horrible beyond measure. I don’t want it to happen. I fear it greatly. More people will die than have died in all of America’s wars together. But neither my fears nor anyone else’s will prevent it. Only a massive outbreak of good sense among American Negroes, most especially the willingness and determination to discipline their own and accept the verdicts of the judicial system when that discipline fails, can stave off the racial cleansing of the United States: the Separation Edicts and Sterilization Orders of the little story above.

     “Bryce Williams” described himself as a “powder keg.” His focus was wrong; it’s America that’s the powder keg. His murders seem to me to bring the match very close to the fuse. We can’t have much time or many chances left to avert the explosion.

     If I’m wrong, tell me I’m wrong...but tell me why. Convince me.

     And pray.

The logic of a "crony capitalist" as POTUS

What does a capitalist want? For his/her business to do well. Be respected, make a profit.

In order to make that profit, said "capitalist" must do business that makes his/her customers happy, and continuing to do business.

If said businessperson has other corporations trying to harm his/her downline, they retaliate.

You must keep your employees happy and therefore productive, and you must trim extraneous waste.

Logic, ain't it a bitch?

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Lightweight. Compliant. Beloved of the elite.

. . . Obama, completely a creation of collective racial neuroses and perceptions disconnected from the reality of the man’s mediocre achievements.
"Donald Trump and the Other Class Warfare. When democratic masses tire of being condescended to." By Bruce S. Thornton, FrontPage Magazine, 8/26/15.

H/t: Victor Davis Hanson. .

Saturday, August 22, 2015

"Where Do Nazis Come From, Daddy?"

     [The following was inspired by an objector to this piece, who called me “stupid” to compare the fascistic slanders and deceits of the anti-GamerGate forces to the Big Lie technique championed by chief Nazi propagandist Josef Goebbels. -- FWP]

     “Well, darling daughter,” he said through a half-regretful smile of remembrance, “it’s like this.”

     “A long time ago,” he said, “everyone understood that we can all make mistakes, that no one can be all-knowing, and that it’s a decent person’s responsibility, no matter how strongly he feels about something, to remember that he could be wrong. It was an important piece of a child’s education to learn that no matter how good he is at something, there’s almost certainly someone who’s better at it – and that it’s guaranteed that lots of other people are better than he is at lots of other things. You see, when you know that you could be wrong, you have to admit that other people could be right, so it would always be wrong to try to force someone else to accept your point of view. A young boy or girl who accepted those truths would normally grow up to be courteous to others, even others he thought were really, really wrong about something important.

     “Now, not every child really believed and accepted those truths, but so many did, and upheld them so firmly, that the children who didn’t believe them were compelled to act as if they believed them too. No one would let them get away with the kind of behavior that said otherwise. They didn’t like it – no one likes being compelled to hide his feelings – but they went along because the punishment for not going along was so much worse.

     “But one day there was a big war. It happened because some of the children who refused to believe that they could be wrong became politically powerful. They went to war to force their neighbors to give them stuff they wanted but didn’t deserve. The war was terrible. It went on a long time and killed a lot of young men. At the end, everybody was really tired. And some other children who didn’t believe that they could be wrong, and who liked to write and talk a lot, started saying and writing that it wasn’t because the children who started the war didn’t realize that they could be wrong. They said it was that everybody was wrong about everything – that the war had proved that there was nothing anyone could believe.”

     He paused as he shuddered afresh at his horror at learning how the mental disease that had been mislabeled skepticism had unraveled the whole of the civilized world. He reflected on his efforts to preserve his daughter’s innocence. How he’d fought to protect her from the juggernaut that had rumbled over the world! Yet forces far larger than he, and events beyond his power to control, had made all his struggles moot.

     “But a funny thing happened. It turns out that if you accept that everybody is wrong about everything, then it doesn’t matter what you believe. And that meant that it doesn’t matter what you do. Whether you’re good, respectful, and kind or mean, hateful, and brutal just doesn’t matter.”

     He drew a deep, shaky breath, let it out slowly, and did his best to smile at his daughter as he continued.

     “Anyway,” he said, “if it doesn’t matter what you do, then all that really matters is what you want and whether you have it. Lots and lots of people started to think that way. Then they started to live that way. They would do whatever it takes to get what they wanted, no matter what that did to other people. And things got bad. There was another war, even bigger than the first one, and then lots of little ones – so many little ones that there was never a place or a time when people weren’t fighting. No one could feel safe any more. Yet no one could see what was happening, even though it was right in front of them.

     “You see, when people understand that they could be wrong, they leave other people alone, unless those others try to hurt them or steal from them. That’s what we mean by freedom. But once enough children had been raised to believe that everything everybody believes is wrong, lots of people who wanted stuff they didn’t have and couldn’t get felt it was okay to take them anyway. After all, who was going to tell them they shouldn’t? And for some of those people, what they wanted most was to force other people to think and live just like them.

     “You want to hear something funny, dear? Those people – the ones who wanted to force everybody else to think and live just like them – liked to say they were ‘fighting for freedom.’ Really! Of course, the kind of ‘freedom’ they wanted meant that no one else could be free. But that didn’t slow them down at all. They just kept fighting, and when they won they’d make the people they’d beaten say and do exactly what they commanded. Anyone who refused – who said he just wanted to be left alone – would be killed.

     “Anyway, it went on for a long, long time. More and more people were conquered, more and more people were killed, and the people doing the killing became more and more powerful. Eventually they came to our part of the world, and when they did, we didn’t recognize what they were doing in time to stop them. Maybe we couldn’t stop it. Maybe they had already become so powerful that nothing we could do would have made a difference. We’ll never know. But it all started with a few children refusing to believe that they could be wrong. Because that, darling daughter, is where Nazis come from.”

     He slipped a hand through the bars between their cages, tousled her hair, and won a brief smile from her. “And that is why you and I are going to die this morning.”

Saturday, August 15, 2015

What Goes Around, Comes Around...

I have to admit, this made me laugh - the massive downturn in the Chinese economy is causing crisis in Saudi Arabia:

The Saudi Arabian kingdom is in no position to implement severe austerity measures, like Russia. The vast majority of Saudis enjoy their standard of living due to government handouts.
Saudi citizens tend to lack employable skills and are culturally not inclined to work. Of the30 million residents, only 5.5 million work and 3 million work directly for the government. The small private sector tends to employ foreigners.
Yes, I realize that this could further destabilize an already chaotic region, but - this is deliciously sauce for the gander, is it not? 

Late Summer Lassitude

I start school Monday (at least, that's when the kids start - I started last Monday).  I'm not that well prepared this year, I'm late in setting up.  Somehow, by Monday morning, I'll have it together, at least on paper (truthfully, I could function for the first week without a lesson plan - I've done this introductory stuff for about 25 years, twice a year).

But, I feel the same way about the debates and a lot of other news in the headlines - yes, it's important, but I just can't summon up the energy to hurl myself into the fight.

Before everyone goes all a-quirk over Trump and his blustering, keep in mind - it's almost a YEAR until the actual convention.  The quicker we settle on a candidate, the more prepared the Leftists/Progressives will be to mow him/her down with lies, distortions, and hysteria.  I'm not at all annoyed at Trump's early lead - maybe it will put the Fear of Non-Election in the politicians (greater than their Fear of God).

Let's let Ella and Louis play that unforgettable song, and sit back with our cool drinks.

Too warm (not Global Warming, just South Carolina in August) to care, or to waste energy.


Those Lovable Feminists

     In case you’re unfamiliar with Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh, he’s a popular speaker and writer against feminism and on the resuscitation of masculinity. He’s the proprietor of the Return Of Kings Website, which offers articles by him and others of similar views. Needless to say, feminists hate him with a red passion.

     Just recently, Roosh went on a speaking tour that included Toronto and Montreal. When they learned of this, feminists in those cities went completely apoplectic. This article provides late-breaking news and a taste of the feminist Left’s tactics:

     On Friday, Return of Kings proprietor Roosh revealed that Matthew E. Duffy had incited those planning to attend the “Demonstration against Rape Culture” in Toronto and others to “swat” Roosh and his supporters. Not only is this an egregiously criminal act, faking the need for tactical response teams or otherwise heavily armed police squads, it also risks the public safety (and lives) of broader members of the community. This is aside from just Roosh and his lecture audience.

     To boot, Matthew E. Duffy is perfectly content for those in emergency situations, such as seriously injured car wreck victims or people bleeding out on a street from gunshot wounds, to have critical reactions to their plight delayed by made-up calls about a writer’s peaceful lecture to a few men. His incitement reeks of callous indifference, narcissism, and depravity.

     In other news, the Montreal address that obsessive compulsive “Twitter activist” Sara Parker-Toulson used to dox Roosh has now, unsurprisingly, been vandalized. She, “Jennifer” and others easily foresaw that such a doxxing would result in potentially serious damage to both property and person.

     Let’s stipulate, right from the outset, that the advocates of violence cited above are not perfectly representative of all feminists. But just as is the case with Muslims, feminists who fail to criticize, much less discipline, their spittle-flecked co-partisans should not be surprised when they’re assumed to agree with the latter’s views and tactics. Indeed, I consider it fair to accuse all feminists of tacitly approving of Duffy, Parker-Toulson, et alii until they plainly and publicly condemn them.

     Finally, this is not about Roosh’s opinions on the sexes; it’s about freedom of speech and the Left’s propensity for using violence and intimidation to silence those it dislikes. You needn’t fear to stand against it just because you don’t agree with what Roosh has said about masculine roles and female promiscuity – though I most certainly do.


     Christ told us to “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” Christians are supposed to take that stricture to heart and live by it: to condemn behavior rather than persons. The rationale, of course, is that no man can truly be condemned except by God, and He waits until the end of life to do so.

     But it’s hard. Especially in light of stories like this one:

     “He told me that according to Islam he is allowed to rape an unbeliever. He said that by raping me, he is drawing closer to God. … He said that raping me is his prayer to God.”

     These extraordinary statements come from girls who were kept as sex slaves by jihadis of the Islamic State, as reported in a lengthy and revealing New York Times piece that was published Thursday.

     Not only does the piece illustrate the horrifying ordeal that Yazidi and other non-Muslim women endure at the hands of the Islamic State when they are forced into sexual slavery, but — most surprisingly — the article explains in detail how these monsters believe they are pleasing their bloodthirsty god by destroying these girls.

     Reported the Times’ Rukmini Callimachi:

     In the moments before he raped the 12-year-old girl, the Islamic State fighter took the time to explain that what he was about to do was not a sin. Because the preteen girl practiced a religion other than Islam, the Quran not only gave him the right to rape her — it condoned and encouraged it, he insisted.

     Reflect on that for a moment before continuing on.

     With all the domestic troubles the United States suffers today, it’s hard to make room in one’s thoughts for seemingly distant evils such as ISIS, Iran, HAMAS, and Islam generally. But of course, just because we spare them no thought doesn’t mean they’re not out there destroying the lives and lands they afflict today. They’re potentially just as threatening to us here at home. They become more so by dint of our refusal to think about them.

     ISIS isn’t currently top o’ the heap for Islamic threats; that honor goes to rapidly nuclearizing Iran. Yet it possesses a significance that Americans would be advised not to overlook. That significance stems from its wholehearted embrace of evil – an evil the Qur’an explicitly ratifies, even encourages, in its text:

     And if you fear that you will not deal justly with the orphan girls, then marry those that please you of [other] women, two or three or four. But if you fear that you will not be just, then one of those your right hand possesses. That is more suitable that you may not incline to injustice. [Qur’an, Sura 4, Verse 3]

     “That your right hand possesses” is the Quranic phrase that denotes slaves taken as captives in jihad:

     This term includes the slave girls and slaves in general those who are under control of a free Muslim. As a rule, the only channel of producing this segment of society is Jihad in the cause of Allah....

     At last, a Muslim has the right to have sex with a slave girl since she is "in the possession of his right hand". Then, if she has a child, it becomes Haram to sell her, and when her master dies, she becomes free.

     Note that such slaves possess no rights against their owner. They may not refuse to be “married” to him. Note also that slavery is still practiced, more or less openly, in Islam-dominated lands – and I don’t mean just the swatch of land currently controlled by ISIS.

     The Nuremberg Trials, a wholly unique exercise of jurisprudence in the history of post-Westphalian nation-states, were founded on a premise that had never before been articulated and acted upon: There is a law higher than any law made by a nation-state, and everyone is expected to know it. That premise was used to disallow claims by the Nazis that came before the tribunals that what they did was only what was required of them by Third Reich law.

     Twelve Nazis were condemned to death by those tribunals:

  • Martin Bormann, Nazi Party secretary
  • Hans Frank, Governor of occupied Poland
  • Wilhelm Frick, Reich Minister of the Interior
  • Hermann Goering, Luftwaffe commander and original head of the Gestapo
  • Alfred Jodl, commander of the Wehrmacht
  • Ernst Kaltenbrunner, Reich Chief of Security
  • Wilhelm Keitel, Reich Defense Minister
  • Joachim von Ribbentrop, Reich Ambassador Plenipotentiary
  • Alfred Rosenberg, Reich racial theorist.
  • Fritz Sauckel, head of the Reich slave labor program
  • Arthur Seyss-Inquart, Reich Chancellor of Austria
  • Julius Streicher, publisher of Der Sturmer

     Not one of those twelve could be proved ever to have taken a life by his own hand. Yet they had collaborated in the construction and operation of one of the greatest instruments of death the world had ever seen, whether as its planners, its executives, or its ideologists. They had lent their intellects and efforts to it willingly. The Tribunal’s verdicts were based on the premise above: i.e., that they could not have been unaware that what they were doing was absolutely wrong, despite any “laws” to the contrary.

     For a villain who has wholly surrendered his will to evil, death is the only proper sentence. Consider this passage from Perelandra:

     Then he remembers—as one remembers an island of consciousness preceded and followed by long anesthesia—going forward to meet the Un-man for what seemed the thousandth time and knowing clearly that he could not fight much more. He remembers seeing the Enemy for a moment looking not like Weston but like a mandrill, and realising almost at once that this was delirium. He wavered. Then an experience that perhaps no good man can ever had in our world came over him—a torrent of perfectly unmixed and lawful hatred. The energy of hating, never before felt without some guilt, without some dim knowledge that he was failing fully to distinguish the sinner from the sin, rose into his arms and legs till he felt that they were pillars of burning blood. It was corruption itself to which will was attached only as an instrument. Ages ago it had been a Person: but the ruins of personality now survived in it only as weapons at the disposal of a furious self-exiled negation. It is perhaps difficult to understand why this filled Ransom not with horror but with a kind of joy. The joy came from finding at last what hatred was made for. As a boy with an axe rejoices on finding a tree, or a boy with a box of coloured chalks rejoices on finding a pile of perfectly white paper, so he rejoiced in the perfect congruity between his emotions and its object. Bleeding and trembling with weariness as he was, he felt that nothing was beyond his power, and when he flung himself upon the living Death, the eternal Surd in the universal mathematic, he was astonished, and yet (on a deeper level) not astonished at all, at his own strength. His arms seemed to move quicker than his thought. His hands taught him terrible things. He felt its ribs break, he heard its jaw-bone crack. The whole creature seemed to be cracking and splitting under his blows. His own pains, where it tore him, somehow failed to matter. He felt that he could so fight, so hate with a perfect hatred, for a whole year.

     Thus judged the tribunals of Nuremberg...and thus must be our judgment upon ISIS and all others who cleave to the conviction that “Allah” wills their subjugation and abuse of “the unbeliever.”

     Perhaps the following expresses the concept most succinctly:

     I, for one, would sleep soundly afterward.