Friday, December 18, 2015

What is 4G War?

It's the shorthand way of referring to 4th Generation War, and it may be the cutting edge of warfare in this country in the near future.

Declarations of war are SO 20th century.  They only work when the aggressors are directed by a nation-state.

Today's warriors are composed of loosely-allied, familial/religiously affiliated/politically aligned individuals.  Only the leadership has a long-standing relationship with each other - in other words, it's a war led by those who consider themselves political/cultural/social/religious elites.

Like The Weathermen in our country.  Or ISIS.  Or The Red Guard.  Or the IRA.

At the top - a ruthless core that is willing to sacrifice the "lesser" people who admire them and their cause.  At the bottom - the fungible masses who die/are dismembered/spend long years in jail at the whim of the leadership.

This may be the most hard-to-destroy enemy we've ever faced. They have managed to use the unemployed, poorly educated masses without wives/children essentially as Orcs.

What are Orcs?  From the Wikipedia description:
Orcs are aggressive scavengers and opportunistic carnivores (with a taste for both in-species cannibalism and human flesh). While possessing a low cunning and crude culture of their own, they are generally portrayed as a subject race used as soldiers (or battle fodder) by beings of greater power and intelligence. Violent by nature, they will fight ferociously if compelled or directed by a guiding will, but tend towards more chaotic behavior (including cowardice) if left to their own devices.
Emphasis mine.

Are we in danger in America with our native population?

Of course!  There are too many poorly-educated people who have no special qualifications in terms of employability, who rely on what the elites tell them to think, who have (as a result of our society deliberately keeping people from knowing basic religious tenets) no moral structure other than what the elites TELL them is moral - which, for some, is anything they FEEL like doing.

It does not make me happy to conclude that we are in DEEP $h!t for the foreseeable future.

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