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Using .22 for Self Defense & Training! // Viewer Suggestion

MAY BE not optimum, but hey, ANYthing is better than nothing as far as discouraging attackers.

4 Guns I Would Never Carry and Why?!

I like this guys apparent attitude! I, personally, am armed whenever I can be. Sometimes when I shouldn't. I have a new toy I dearly love. I went into my son's gun shop andd he poited to something he had just received. He said look at this and it's in your caliber, I said put it in the back, it's mine! Walther P99c AS in .40S&W!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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 Dr. David Nixon – Nanotech DISAPPEARING – What Else Are They Hiding in the “Vaccines”? - Zeee Media

This SHOULD scare the absolute shit out of you!!

Okay, here's a thought about yor very life!!!!

 This may sound a bit cold, But Hhis Is Cold REALITY! Ff/When you find yourself In The Shit, you can have no emotioin. Your opponent is not another human, n is a range more, no less.. high score wins the match. you win, or you lose. You win, you live. You lose, YOU die. That simple.

 And you may hav seen, it;s getting thee.