Monday, August 19, 2019

AI and the Military - OURS and THEIRS

Google may well become The Next IBM - not because it is the leader in computing, but because they are collaborating with China's military.

Google has made the decision to side with China's military, all the while "courageously" refusing to work with America's military.

I can't think of a more reprehensible corporate decision, fueled by the dimwitted SJWs that are running Google into the ground. I sincerely HOPE Trump makes a campaign issue of it - by the time Election 2020 gets close, I would expect that Hong Kong will have been crushed by China.

In that expectation, I hope I'm wrong - nothing would please me more than a Solidarity-type outcome. Nonetheless, I am pessimistic.

Yet Another Reminder That the 2nd Amendment... NOT about preserving hunting capability.

CW 2.0 Links

Wilder has the update.

I originally started reading John Wilder (Wilder, Wealthy, and Wise) because his posts were so funny. I have a preference for humorous blogs in the morning, so I read his backpages for weeks, savoring the delicious sense of humor.

Lately, I've noted the importance of his posts on what BOTH sides are starting to call Civil War 2.0. The concept, and the phrase, have evolved from unthinkable, to an uneasy acceptance of its inevitability.

Could it be avoided? Not as long as the Left sees Total Annihilation of the Private Economy, Capitulation by all White People (the ESSENCE of Evil), and Constitutional Rights Removal as the Starting Point for negotiation.

The situation is similar to CW 1.0 - one side wants, at a minimum, to retain the status quo.

The other, in a religious fervor, wants complete victory, and to piss on our dead carcasses. AND to take away our children for re-education into their way of life.

No compromise. No negotiation. No hope for a semi-normal life after.

We are NOT defending slavery. We are NOT in favor of taking away Constitutional Rights. We are, however, in favor of NOT being forced to accept our replacement by illegal aliens, all of whom will have rights and preferences - civil, employment, and cultural - that EXCEED our own.

So, yeah, CW 2.0 is on the way. I see no evidence that the Left will accept any alternative.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Rules for New Citizens

There needs to be an overhaul of our citizenship process, putting penalties on those who help non-qualifying applicants fraudulently obtain visas, residency permits, or citizenship. That penalty should be:
  • Financial - sufficiently hefty to discourage aiding and abetting the process.
  • Felonious - NOT able to be bargained down into a misdemeanor, and carrying at LEAST 1 actual term of jail, for the full 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 a year time period. NOT negotiable. Also, including that a basic right of citizenship - the right to vote - be PERMANENTLY lost, along with any right to hold office at any level.
  • If a non-citizen has aided or abetted that fraud, they will, if not a natural-born citizen, lose residency, citizenship, and visa privileges.
This guy is a demo case of why. 19 Americans lost their lives because of his presence in this country.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Tired, But Satisfied

This was a Decluttering Day. The security installer was here to upgrade our system - he did a great job, and managed to ignore the activity around him.

What was that activity? We had been more often out of town than in it, for more than a month. Mail was scattered around, clothes were piled high in the laundry, and clutter abounded.

We started early today, and both kept going for a LONG time. By the end of the day, the house is NOT perfect - not by a long shot - but, is considerably better. Floors are largely cleared up, you can actually find space on the furniture to sit down, and I've caught up on email, both personal and business.

We'll be continuing the clearing up the mess through next week, at which point we should be good.

Right now, I'm in the lounge chair, feet propped up, and just relaxing. As I should be, after a long and hard day.

Ted Nugent & Godsmack - Stranglehold Live

Official Dear JESUS music!

Five Finger Death Punch - The Pride


It may be a bit hard, but listen closely to the lyrics, Deep, deep, deep.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

The Revenge of the Cradle - Amish Style

From a small fringe community, the Amish have skyrocketed their number, due to two factors:

  • Large birth rate - far greater than the average American family
  • 90% retention of their children into the Amish community when adult
This represents an alternative pathway for Conservatives/Traditional Families:
  • Keep their schooling influences within your faith/philosophical traditions. Either send them to traditional school settings, home-school/virtual school, or work to provide oversight of the curriculum they are exposed to.
  • Primarily socialize within known influences/families. Limit electronic media - TV, internet, music, etc.
  • Joyfully embrace your family, no matter how large it becomes. Encourage all your children to plan for a family-centered life, and teach/train them in useful home and work skills.