Thursday, August 1, 2019

The Revenge of the Cradle - Amish Style

From a small fringe community, the Amish have skyrocketed their number, due to two factors:

  • Large birth rate - far greater than the average American family
  • 90% retention of their children into the Amish community when adult
This represents an alternative pathway for Conservatives/Traditional Families:
  • Keep their schooling influences within your faith/philosophical traditions. Either send them to traditional school settings, home-school/virtual school, or work to provide oversight of the curriculum they are exposed to.
  • Primarily socialize within known influences/families. Limit electronic media - TV, internet, music, etc.
  • Joyfully embrace your family, no matter how large it becomes. Encourage all your children to plan for a family-centered life, and teach/train them in useful home and work skills.

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