Wednesday, July 31, 2019

When Marianne Williamson Seems the Sane One... know your party is in trouble.

I keep getting emails from her - I have NO idea why. I haven't gone to the trouble of blocking her, as yet. I've just deleted them, and moved on.

She is, however, BIG TROUBLE for the Dems. The contrast with the far-Left candidates is obvious. She's trending on social media - people like the idea of supporting a (relatively) sane Dem, that will not cause them to be shunned by the others as a race-hater.

I very much doubt she will last. At best, she'll walk into the convention with a small number of delegates, and cast a shadow over the eventual candidate, who - and I'm going out on a limb here - I believe will be Kamala Harris. She makes a good media presence, uses her background effectively against opponents, and - on the surface - doesn't seem like a wild-eyed Leftist.

Which, actually, I don't think she is. She's an opportunist. And, she is making good use of her opportunity in the spotlight. She is the one candidate who might keep the Dem stranglehold on Blacks and Women.

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Ragin' Dave said...

Kamala Harris is the ultimate opportunist. She earned her first political positions laying flat on her back for Willie Brown, then mayor of San FranFreakShow, and has never let an honest conviction hold her back from changing her mind in order to garner more votes. She combined the world's oldest profession with the world's second oldest profession, and did it with a complete and total lack of morals or integrity. In short, she's the perfect Kalifornia politician.