Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Who needs a cat

For a mouser?

I've got a Doberman with a distinct distaste for mice. He just kills them. Doesn't chew on them to make a mess, just kills them and drops them.

I just wish he wouldn't drop them on the bed afterwards.

I guess he doesn't want me to miss his kill.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Can Right & Left Begin to Talk, Not Shout?

If you read this article by a professor who managed to work with a class on Ethics, and hit some of those contentious points, you might say yes.

I'm not so hopeful. If, instead of a slightly-Left-leaning college in the South, he tried the same experiment in a Hard Core Leftist institution, he'd likely be brought up on Hate accusations.

Heck, even a moderately Left college would, I believe, present the same problems.

The fact is, Appalachian State, in NC, attracts kids who actually are mostly Centrist. They are also Southerners, and tend not to sling around words like "Nazi" or "Fascist".

Wouldn't be nice.

I'd like to see this same experiment tried in Ann Arbor, or Berkeley, or even Colorado State. Somehow, I doubt the same outcome would result.

WE WILL IMPEACH THE SWAMP: Trump URGENT Speech at Values Voter Summit in...

Long, but well worth it!

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Boys' Fiction and Girls' Takeover

This article in the Federalist, about the decline of the Star Wars franchise, affected me strongly.

I loved the original. My husband and I piled the kids into the van, along with a lot of snacks, and proceeded to have one of the most enjoyable evenings of our life.

Old-fashioned, big orchestra music! Heroes to root for! Villains to boo! And, a satisfying, heart-swelling conclusion, when Good defeats Evil, and the Underdogs win!

What's not to like?

Judging from the more modern "Stars Wars" imitations, a LOT.

Look, people, the numbers of women who actually LIKE space shoot-em-ups is fewer than can be found in a Buttigieg rally.

A LOT fewer.

I don't know why. Just as I don't know why I glommed onto sci-fi, Star Trek, Star Wars, and other 'non-girly' things. Like the Die Hard movies, or James Bond (the originals), Indiana Jones (the first 3) or comic books.

I just did.

And, that preference made me QUITE popular with the geeky, nerdy crowd I hung around with in programming classes, science classes, and, later the American Association of Physics Teachers and the Greater Cleveland PC User Group (QUITE huge in the 80's and 90's).

For years, I was the "Yes, a REAL girl is hanging around with me" mascot.

I still find myself outnumbered in my Ham Radio activities.

By artificially trying to massage the Star Wars stories to bring in more women - most of the characters are SUPERIOR martial artists, although still generally possessed of spindly appendages and a tendency to cry when stressed - the makers have inflicted harm to the franchise. Perhaps, beyond salvaging.

Look, the original Carrie Fisher Princess Leia was a kick-ass character. She had a mouth on her, didn't take a lot of B$, and - when necessary - used Leia-sized weapons to assist in the fight. But, even by the standards of the 1970's, Carrie Fisher was tiny. Both short, and slender. She was never going to be able to take on fighters twice her size, without the advantage of weapons.

You know, 2nd Amendment-type weapons - sometimes called the Great Equalizer.

What made that character so appealing is that she wanted to save her oppressed people from a tyrannical government, that was willing to ruthlessly commit genocide. She didn't seek power because she had personal or professional ambitions.

She was selfless, and not doing it to advance her profile in the next election. That's important, in a time when the majority of women in public life are ALL about THEM and their frenzied quest to secure their spot in the history books.

Leia was taking up arms because she was the Last Defense. Just like Pioneer Women did, again and again. When a man showed up who was able to take over the fight, she relinquished her role. She didn't insist on piloting the ship, she turned that over to the GUYS who had some real training.

Not today's Star Wars. Not only do the women insist on being in command of the troops, but they do a shitty job of it. Like Vice Admiral Holdo.

Her character is peevish, arrogant, unwilling to do what she SHOULD be doing - the things the guy from the film below did.

Look at him - he's dressed to LEAD the troops - wearing a UNIFORM, not attire for the Disco Ball. His MEDALS and ribbons are proudly displayed, both to give hope to the troops that one can survive - with honor - a battle, and to provide evidence that, yes, I AM a guy who knows how to do this stuff.

When questioned about his methods or tactics, he is forthright in explaining - in a straightforward way - why he is doing what he does.

Not Holdo - she superciliously insists on sending troops into battle who will surely die, and for what appears to be suicide missions. I'm not the only one that dislikes this character - see here for multiple videos by fans.

No, her refusal to engage with Poe seems to be more of the Leftist Female politicians talking down to us peons. Ya' know - SHE should not have to explain her VERY intelligent thinking to the lesser people. Holdo is the one with the job! She has EXPERIENCE!

The great Trump putdown of that kind of thinking:

I get it - women want to be a part of a Great Mission. They want to feel the surge of excitement when the mission is successful.

But, that mission should not be headed by a Glory-Hound - that put-down of "leaders" who care not who gets killed - as long as they get their medals.

Public service SHOULD be inhabited by those whose ultimate goal is to be a Cinncinatus. Who only reluctantly leave their REAL LIFE to serve when no one else is available.

And, who leave to go home again as soon as the crisis is over. That's the kind of leader America needs.

Not a decrepit old mediocrity hanging around for decades, always eager for a photo-op and a quick sound-bite, with his/her hand firmly on the public wallet, while still holding open pockets for a WEE contribution from those who will benefit from some "badly-needed" legislation. After a decade or two, go home - and that especially applies to their legislative aides, and lobbyists, as well.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Is It Possible for Schools to Get Dumber?

The schools, mind you, not the students. Most people, young or old, are smart enough to learn, to manage their own lives, and to earn enough to keep the cable on.

It takes a lot of effort to bring people to the point where they are defecating in their clothing, neglecting their kids, and generally making their lives a train wreck.

A tremendous amount of effort has been expended by Elite Leftists to bring people to that state of affairs.

One initiative, begun in Seattle, seems to be working overtime to take math from a core discipline that most people can manage to master, at least at the basic level, to one that will en-stupify nearly all students.

Because, nothing can interfere with the concept that Oppressed Peoples Cannot Do Math! And, if they have some raw ability, schools will do their best to beat it out of them.

Don't accept my word for it - check out the link (above) yourself.

Some Pithy Quotes

From The Passive Voice:
Misinformation is not like a plumbing problem you fix. It is a social condition, like crime, that you must constantly monitor and adjust to.
~ Tom Rosenstiel
From Top 25 Quotes:
Every day I wake up determined to deliver a better life for the people all across America that have been ignored, neglected and abandoned. Donald Trump
This is quintessential Donald:
Always try to learn from other people's mistakes, not your own- it is much cheaper that way!
 And, to be fair, from Nancy Pelosi:
Anybody who's ever dealt with me knows not to mess with me.
I would put more, but it's a busy day.