Friday, July 12, 2019

Two Problems Coinciding to Create Hazardous Situation

Problem One: there are too many people illegally resident in this country. Most of them are clustered into a few cities/regions, where they influence the legislation, type of policing, cultural norms, and quality of life. As their irregular status prohibits them from getting work legally, they often turn to illegal pursuits, or those engaged in such activities, to stay alive.

Problem Two: some of the illegals - and others, culturally associated with them through gang membership and/or family ties - have become employed by police/sheriff departments. Those departments have access to guns, contraband, evidence of crimes, and more money than they need to perform their jobs.

The Right has been concerned about the explosion in policing. By that, they mean:

  • Over-enforcement of relatively minor infraction - making a civil matter into a criminal offense
  • Continuing the use of the "no-knock" entry, SWAT-type entry, and other over-the-top means to bring in suspects, who might have been picked up through other means, and who pose no danger to people nearby them.
  • Bribes to charge citizens with assets that could be taken through the program known as Asset Forfeiture. The more people they charge (even without a conviction), the more money the government will return to those departments. The program was suspended at the Federal level in 2015, but brought back by Sessions in 2017. See here for the laws in your state.
This is what results from that connection. Community policing - the growth in putting people with similar backgrounds into law enforcement actions in ethnic communities - has some serious downsides. This corruption, discussed in the linked article, is one of them.

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Avery Burns said...

Thank you. I been saying this for years.