Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Will Soldiers Shoot U.S. Citizens for Resisting Gun Confiscation?

One: My OATH was to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, foreign AND domestic.

Two: My OATH had no expiration date.

Three: This government (at the time) wanted to use the American military against the American people for following those Rights recognized by said Constitution.

Four: WTF?!?!


Mark.V. said...

Most soldiers probably would obey an order to shoot US citizens as they have been trained to obey orders without question and will face disciplinary action if they refuse to obey an order. The question is how many officers will issue the order to shoot US citizens.

Linda Fox said...

A sizable percentage, if not the majority, have been co-opted by the Leftists currently in charge. The ones that would resist are court-martialed, discharged, retired, or otherwise gotten rid of. Those that remain have been conditioned to go along.

Which means that the Resistance - the TRUE Resistance, not those clowns that tried to foment a coup - are free to organize, plan, and ready themselves and others for future showdowns.

The ONLY thing that stopped the guns from commencing has been luck, and the happenstance of HRC having been such a horrible candidate that even election fraud couldn't put her over the top in votes. We were nearly at Lexington and Concord, when the President was inaugurated. At that point, patriots held their breath.

Since then, Americans have been cautiously easing down, but still watchful. It will likely take more than a few years to weed out the A$$holes in the military, and bring in a new bunch, more faithful to their oath. Fortunately, people are fallible, and will likely give the military cause to persuade them that their best interests lay in the private sector. Or else, court-martial. I see these boneheads making it really to easy to get rid of them - they don't seem all that bright.

It would likely help for use to bring back some of the unfairly eased-out guys from retirement. Whoever is in charge needs to ENFORCE the regulations against political involvement, fraternization with lower ranks, conduct unbecoming, and the like, to ease the transition. No need to court-martial most, just offer the quiet discharge, along with some assistance in getting their first job out of the service - NOT in government.

Sure, some of them really need to be bitchslapped with a public trial, but - in this case - it's more important to speed their way out of the service. MOST of them will have SOMETHING you could fry them on - hell, MOST of us are guilty of something - so applying pressure, while agreeing to keep their foibles secret, might ease the process. A token few of the worst, who have clearly violated military regs, should be publicly brought up on charges. Don't accept a quiet end for these few; the goal is to use them as a horrifying example of our determination to GO ALL THE WAY, if necessary.

Make it clear that, if those other who we want to leave do no do so quietly, with a resignation, we WILL take it to trial. And, win. That should encourage taking the easy way out.