Monday, June 3, 2019

Using Prime Effectively

First, I want to STRONGLY recommend that you see the documentary at the link - The Creepy Line.

It's about the intrusion of media into our lives, facilitated by the Internet. Trust me - you'll not only want to watch it, but to get EVERYONE you know to do the same.

Second, it occurred to me, watching this, that Amazon Prime has the potential to get MANY anti-Common Wisdom - also known as Not-Leftist - films a wider audience. That audience will naturally want to search out similar films/series.

That's where we - Non-Leftists in various forms of Media - can step in. We can capture them with the films/series, taking them into the blogs with periodic reviews and discussion of what that topic represents to the average citizen (facilitated, by those who have not yet been kicked off social media), and - eventually - lead them to our other media, short stories and books.

It could work. It has the potential to build an audience, raise some consciousness of the extent to which they've been propagandized in the past, and lead them to explore alternatives to the Leftist Narrative.


Avery Burns said...

Eyes that can see are difficult to deceive.

John said...

On my list now!

cmblake6 said...

It almost seems it's just you and me Linda. You more than me, I just find stuff that says what I want to say but can't find the words.