Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Arab-based cult of supremacy.

[Islam] in truth is not a Religion but an Arab based cult of supremacy that has like the Cancer it truly is spread across the globe aided more often than not by a Cabal of Saudi Arabia, the United Nations which incidently the Muslims and rogue States control by weight of numbers in the General assembly and of course the Marxist Left who are just like the Vichy French of World War Two and the Quislings of Norway and countless Treacherous traitors throughout History.[1]
Not just Arab-based, alas.

[1] Comment by Stephen Cox on "ISIS Will 'Kill You Strongly.'" By Dymphna, Gates of Vienna, 6/11/16.


Linda Fox said...

I'm sharing this widely.

JWMJR said...

I wrote these two pieces five years ago. Nothing has changed since then except the body count.