Thursday, January 24, 2019

Leftist Tactics - Part 1

I was talking to someone younger, and he asked (not angry, just curious): "Why do you hate the Leftists so much?"

I responded with a few short paragraphs about Soviet incursions into other countries, those in the USA that collaborated with them, and the dismal effect that allowing Leftists in k12 education had on learning. Really, I could have provided a lot more evidence, just from having lived through the 2nd half of the 20th century.

Then, it dawned on me. Those who are younger than Baby Boomers have absolutely NO memories of the Leftists being the Bad Guys. To them, they're the Nice Ones.

I'm going to finally get off my ass, and do some SHORT intros to the ideas of the Left, perhaps once a week. I could use a buddy to help me, so, if any of the other Outlaws wants to collaborate, let me know.

Meanwhile, there's this on Leftist Tactics, which - thanks to the wide availability of cell phone cameras, did not - this time - succeed..

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cmblake6 said...

Outstanding, Linda. Get the truth out.