Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The Plot Against the Head of State

It's happened before.

No, not Watergate - although that fits the description, as well. A dissatisfied civil servant abuses his confidential information to bring down a Head of State, aided by a well-connected "journalist" and his credulous partner, and facilitated by a wife/widow with something to prove.

It's the plot against the head of the British government - coincidentally, going on - part of the time - during the time Nixon was being targeted. The plot started in the bowels of the spy apparatus, which was also involved in the recent anti-Trump activity.

It's time to shrink the CIA/FBI/DHS staffing - how about a 10% cut overall, with many of the plotters/suspected sympathizers "gently encouraged" to retire/leave for greener pastures. When they DO leave, their security clearance - AND their access to those still in government who are retained - should be severely curtailed.

Removal of security credentials after employment ends should be standard, not optional.

AND, while we're at it, use an Executive Order to make it a firing offense to talk to a journalist - or "pass along information" to anyone without a Need to Know - without official, written information permission.


Francis W. Porretto said...

10% is not enough. It should be at least 20%, and should include everyone above the level of group supervisor (DoJ, CIA) or Special Agent In Charge (FBI). Those departments are the weapon in the hands of the Deep State, which must be disarmed before it can be properly dealt with.

Linda Fox said...

Good point - the rot starts at the top.

And, HR should be OUTSOURCED. HR is the source of most of the worst abuses in any organization.

cmblake6 said...

Total agreement from my house. This is total BS that ANY of them, at whatever level, EVER be able to do this sort of thing.